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Fashion: Zaful Summer Bikini and Swimwear Wishlist

I've picked out some of my summer swimwear favourites from zaful - by Rosa Fairfield.


Number 1: I love the blog sunflower print. I think this is a really interesting shape because it looks like a bikini but it's connected together. I kinda like this idea, it means I won't be able to loose the matching set so I wouldn't keep on having to wear mis-matched bottoms.

Number 2: I love anything that looks colourful with a rainbow kinda vibe. I also think this is a really nice shape. The cut of the bottoms will make the legs look longer without being too revealing. It also has a classic tie front which looks cute.

Number 3: This is another one that I picked because of the print. I love the white and the yellow together. This is definitely more of a sitting on the beach piece though, compared to going lengths in the swimming pool.

Number 4: There's a picture of this on the slight with the model holding the joins like they are braces. I found it so charming that I just had to add this one to my list. It's also got a cute lemon print, lemons seem to be everywhere at the moment. 

Number 5: I have a coat with bananas on so this would match my collection perfectly. It's just so cute and fun. This one is a little bit revealing though on the bottom shape. I don't know if I'd personally wear it because of that but if you're got the gusto for that, then go for it.

Number 6: I love the high waisted pants. They have this super cute retro vibe. This is a great shape gif you're looking for something a bit more modest. I also love the knot detail on the top. It's very pleasing on the eye, plus the red and yellow work so well together.

Number 7: I love yellow detailed floral prints like this. It looks stylish and brings vintage glamour to have a modern twist. It's got a nicer, fuller shape compared to some of the others. The mixture of colours really compliment each other too. 

Number 8: This one has a little more shape to it compared to some of the other ones, due to the twist at the centre. Blue and yellow always go so well together and the lemon design is perfect for the summer months. It's cute and quirky with a stylish modern shape. 

My favourite?
Which one is my favourite? Give me a second, I just need to think about this. I think I'm going to go for the rainbow one. As much as I really do like the other ones, I prefer my swimwear to have some kinda surly straps that are part of the design. I just like to feel secure. I also really like the shape and all the colours. 

Which one is your favourite, please leave a comment bellow, I would love to hear your thoughts.