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Travel Guide: Walks around France, Germany & Basel, Switzerland

Looking for somewhere new to visit? Then why not try Basel, Switzerland. From there you can also travel to Germany & France, words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield.

Colmar, France

Basel, Switzerland

Huningue, France

Here is my guide to Basel and the surround areas in Germany & France:

Basel, Switzerland
This is where I stopped. I must admit that I spent most of my time here walking. I ether did this down by the river or through the old town to look at the beautiful buildings. The riverside walk along the Rhine is lovely and if the weather is warm there are plenty of places you can sunbathe and you can even swim in there in the summer months. If you walk in one direction there is an artsy area, with street art and bars and in the other direction there is a dam, park and mini beach area.

I also recommend taking a walk around the backstreets, there are some really pretty buildings. It's particularly nice if you walk across one of the bridges from the main town area.

Be aware that it is a bit expensive to buy anything there. They do hot food in some of the supermarkets, like the Coop by the station, which is a cheaper alternative to eating out.

You can easily walk to and across the German border from Basel. You can either catch the Number 8 tram or you can just walk it. It took me about 40 minutes to walk there from the main town. There's a supermarket and shopping centre on the other side, which is way cheaper than anything in Basel. There is also a park and the Three Countries Bridge. If you walk across it, you end up in France.

From there you can also travel to Weil am Rhein or you could go even further a field if you feel like doing some travelling.

France - Colmar & Huningue 
I walked a complete round circuit. I went from Basel into Germany, across the Three Countries Bridge to Huningue, through Saint-Louis and back across the border into Switzerland. You'll need your passport though to get through the border by Saint-Louis. It's a nice peaceful walk,  quiet with some pretty houses, if you choose to take one of the back routes.

Colmar has to be one of my favourite places. I took the train there from Basel and it took about 40 minutes. The old town is such a pretty place. I went around Easter so everything was decorated with pink and yellow Easter decorations and there was a market on. The buildings are colourful and intricate. I particularly liked the one in the first picture that was covered in hearts. You just have to keep walking and wandering around and everything is pretty easy to find. There are also some lovely bakeries to buy lunch from.

I hope you found this useful in some way. I can't really recommend any specific activities or museums because I spent most of my time, when I travel, just walking. I feel like it's the best way to get a feel of the place.