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Style & Life: Can you Achieve Happiness as a Life Goal?

So many of us seem to be seeking happiness but is this something that we can actually achieve? Words by Rosa Fairfield & photos by Linda Smith

Is happiness a state?
I feel like it's a very millennial concept to be on some kind of search for happiness. Then, we start to worry that there is something wrong with us whenever we experience an emotion that isn't happiness. That's just not how life works, things go wrong and bad things happen. Those things are out of our control and we can't change that. It wouldn't be entirely healthy if something bad happened and we were happy about it. Therefore, it's okay to cry and get anxious every now and again. By experiencing the negative we can experience the positive.

Having a positive mindset & Zen living
Okay, so we've established that bad things happen and it's okay to experience the emotions that go with them. I think the important part is how we process that and I think that's what allows us to establish a level of okay-ness (which, I think is what most people actually mean when they talk about finding happiness).

I love meditation. It teaches you that you should embrace your feelings and thoughts and then let them pass, instead of holding onto to them. I think that's the part where things become unhealthy, when we start to obsess over our negative emotions and that's not helpful. I guess, finding a true calm, positive state is accepting things for what they are and finding a positive way to move forward.

A couple of years back, I got super obsessed with Buddhism and I like the concept of Zen living. Finding simplicity and being present in the moment is important for achieving calm and okay-ness but it's about a balance because sometimes letting your mind drift can be helpful in problem solving and thinking up new ideas.

Finding a life you love
Again, this is another thing people mean when they refer to the ambiguous term of 'finding happiness'. This is something that I'm very supportive of. If you are in a relationship or have a job that you feel unfulfilled by, I think it's unhealthy to stay in that situation. It's okay to let things go, it doesn't mean that you failed or that you're flaky or any of the other terms. Sometimes, it takes being in situations you dislike to find your calling.

This goes back to the first point, there will be highs and lows but you can try to surround yourself with people, activities and work that you love in order to handle the things that life throws at you. Sometimes, I think people can get so caught up in earning money or achieving the next goal that they forget to find joy in the work that they're actually doing.

So, yeah, what I'm saying is find something in life that you're passionate about, that brings you joy and don't stick to something if it makes you constantly miserable. Also, try to approach life with a positive mindset and look for solutions not problems but accept the bad and good. Did this make any kinda sense?