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Having The Time Of Your Life At Times Square

One of the spots on the bucket lists of many a traveler, Times Square is one of those very few places that lives up to the majority of the hype that it gets. A bustling commercial metropolis, a tourist’s delight, and with more entertainment than you can shake a stick at, it’s easy to get lost simply standing and looking around this one-of-a-kind plaza. But, here, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to enjoy your time at Times Square.

Make it a mission to catch a Broadway show
There is almost always something excellent on Broadway, whether it’s one of the seasonal favorites, such as Chicago or Wicked, or it’s the latest summer hit that often brings youthful rebellion to the limelight. Broadway can be really expensive, however, so you can either enter the lottery with the hopes of getting a ticket by chance or hang by the TKTS booth to see if you can snag a spare seat in a show just about to start.

Enjoy the single best view the city has to offer
Reaching many of the tourist hotspots in a city can lead to some disappointments of overcrowding, the actual site being a little underwhelming, and the like. While it can take some planning to reach the Top of the Rock, it is well worth it. Hotels near the Rockefeller Center, like the Westin New York can make it a lot easier to plan your sightseeing trip in your itinerary as well. Take the time to explore the retail around it, as well, as it is some of the finest in the world.

See the sights like nowhere else
There are plenty of tours and sightseeing experiences across the cities of the US, but none of them are quite like THE RIDE. An interactive touring experience that hits up many of the highlights of the area, including Times Square itself, you can feel a lot more involved in the places that you’re seeing rather than just passing them by, including comedy, street performances, and plenty of vibrant presentation, helping you connect to the city in a whole new way.

See if you can catch one of the late-night hosts
If you’re a fan of late-night comedy and talk shows, then you’re in the right place as many of the top ones, including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Trevor Noah are all filmed in and around Times Square. If you have the opportunity, see if you can get tickets in advance. You want to try and get your hands on them roughly two months before your trip. However, if you can, entrance is free, so it’s an excellent and relatively cheap way to get some laughs and get a little starstruck. Like pretty much every part of New York, there’s much more to do at Times Square than you will ever fit into a single visit. You might well need a lifetime to see it all. Hopefully, however, the highlights above help you find your way.