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Travel: How to create the perfect travel bucket list

With the state that the world is currently in, it's easy to feel trapped, but it won't be that way forever. New adventures are waiting, so why not keep the positivity running high by creating your ultimate but achievable travel bucket list, by Rosa Fairfield.

Think about places you've already been
You can go to the same place twice, you know. If there's a place that's really stuck in your mind, because you absolutely love it, then you should really think about travelling back there. It sounds cheesy, but life's too short and you should go where your heart makes you happy. Also, you never really manage to see everything a place has to offer by visiting it once. It's worth researching places you've already been to see if there's anything you've missed that makes it worth having a trip back there.

Find Inspiration
I spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest, looking at pictures of palm trees and dreamy sunsets. It's a great place to both find travel ideas and to get you excited about a trip. There's so many places to find travel inspiration, from social media to those travel pictures you see on the front of puzzle boxes. You could even find a desktop background or phone screensaver of one of your favourite places. It'll serve as a reminder that one day you'll go there, and give you something to aspire to.

What are your dream places to visit
Now is the time to do some soul searching. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? It's easy to think about holidays practically. Where's cheap to travel to? Where do my friends or partner want to go? What place will have the best weather? Just, take away all those outside influences for a second and refocus your mind on where you'd truly like to go. That way, you can have a fulfilling experience that's just for you.

What are your dream activities
If you're really not sure where in the world you'd like to go, look at the hobbies you enjoy or ones you've always wanted to try. If you'd love to swim with dolphins, give Florida a go. If you love anime: it might be time to visit Japan. If you're obsessed with movies: hello Hollywood. Also, if there's a particular museum you'd like to visit: go find it. One of my most rewarding experiences was visiting The Hunger Games exhibition, when it was open in New York.

Make a fun list
Once you've got a good idea of the top places and experiences, that would be top of your bucket list, physically make a note of them. This will make you feel less like they're pipe dreams and more like you have some goals to work towards. When life gets in the way, it will help you to remember them. You might find that your bucket list changes over the years, but that's part of the fun. If you do come back to that list in years time, and find your outlook has completely changed, it's a great way to reflect and check in with yourself. You can see if you're on the right path and staying true to who you are.

Think about ways you can budget for the trips you want to take
This is your first step in changing your dreams to plans. Find out how much the trip, or trips, will cost you and do a little research to see what's the cheapest way possible to travel. It's also worth thinking about other ways you can travel, like a work abroad scheme or internship. If you're interested in gaining a degree, you might want to look in study abroad options too.

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