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Style: What's the right crop top style for you quiz

With warmer temperatures on the way, it's the perfect time to be wearing a little less (but not too less, you don't want to get arrested). There's nothing better to get you in the mood for summer than getting out the crop tops. Even if you've not lucky enough to be heading to the beach, they make great lounge wear, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Not all crop tops are the same, they come in so many different shapes and sizes. That's great and all, but how do you know which one works best for you? Don't worry. You can take our quiz to find out what crop top you should wear:


Think about the neckline
Crop tops are probably one of the most varied top designs you can get. You can find one in pretty much every neckline invented, from the classic 90s style to something closely resembling a bra. With all this variety, you have the opportunity to experiment and find something that works best for you.  

Think about the sleeve shape
Not gonna lie, I love these puffy sleeves. They're a little bit out-there (like me). Longer sleeves can look visually interesting on a crop top because they cut unusual lines, as the bralet is normally lower than the shoulder. Saying that, no sleeves also look great on crop tops. It's simple and elegant, not to mention comfortable.

Think about the occasion
Crop tops are pretty versatile. You can create any kind of look with them. From chilled out beach vibes to a clubbing outfit, the crop top has got you covered. They're also perfect for layering or wearing underneath a pinafore dress. They needn't be reserved purely for casual wear. If your crop top is longer in length, it would look great tucked into high waisted pants. Crop tops are great for this as you don't have the extra fabric that creates a bulge. 

What will you wear it with?
This one follows on nicely from the previous point, figuring out what you want to wear with it can be a great way of choosing what style to wear. Certain designs of crop top lend themselves better to different occasions. The one I'm wearing, in the photographs, has a festival kind of vibe to it but I couldn't see myself wearing it to the office.

Also, if you're going to layer your crop top or wear a coat over it, think about the design. If it has puffy sleeves or not enough support around the bra area, it could look crumpled and out of shape with something over the top. 

What's your crop top personal style?
If you haven't already taken our crop top style quiz, scroll up and do it now. Hopefully it will help you decide which crop top is right for you... and if it doesn't, at least you've had some fun.