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PSA: People Aren't Watching You Work Out!

One of the most common worries for women when they’re going to the gym is what they look like. They think they’re too fat, too skinny, too tall - you name it, us girls think it. And we are RIDICULOUS for thinking it. Of course, your feelings are your feelings and they’re valid and all, but do you know what people are doing in the gym? They’re worrying about themselves!

When it comes to body confidence, we all know that women are seriously lacking. It’s very rare that you will find a girl anywhere that is 100% happy with her body. Even when she's wearing the best has to offer and her butt looks great, she will worry it looks too big. So, going to the gym gets all those lovely endorphins ramped up and we aim to feel good with exercise, but it’s punctuated with worrying about what other people think of us and girls, it’s got to stop. Going to the gym (pre-COVID, obvs) is a privilege and you have to know that the way you feel right now - that everyone is watching you work out - is the way everyone feels. Which means that in a gym with a capacity of 30 people, you have 30 people paranoid that others are staring at them as they work.

You need a shake up. People are going to the gym to concentrate on their own body confidence and fitness. You’ll have some people rocking the finest labels in workout gear and you’ll have others with the baggiest clothing that they could find in an effort to hide themselves. The thing is, no one goes to the gym and starts out fit. Everyone goes to work out to build fitness, which means that when you're at your starting point and out of shape, every single other person was at that first step at some point. You are panicking about people thinking you shouldn't be there but the whole point of a gym is to get your fitness up, sculpt your physique and feel good.

Your first day may be scary for this reason, but other people once had their first day, and you cannot compare your day one with their day fifty, or one hundred. You have to walk in, workout gear at the ready and chin up. Your confidence comes from your mind and not what other people are doing, and the faster you get okay with concentrating on yourself, the better you will feel as you hit your workout goals. Comparison is the thief of joy, so concentrate on yourself while you are in the gym, and encourage others who look equally terrified as you. You’re all in the gym with the same goal - fitness. Don't worry that people are staring at you to be malicious or nasty about you, and worry about what you're doing at any moment.

Those gyms out there? They're there to make you feel good. Go and work on feeling good!