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Lifestyle & Home: Halloween 2020 Ultimate Halloween Decorations Buying Guide

With Halloween 2020 fast approaching now is a great time to start decorating your home for spooky day. From cute pumpkin print blankets to skeleton lights the options for decorating your home are endless. Oh! Ducky Darling is here to help with our ultimate Halloween decorations buying guide to get your home looking scarily cosy, by Rosa Fairfield.

Halloween Throw Pillows
They're comfy to lye on and they add decoration to your bedroom. Add some fun to your home with these throw pillows, they're perfect for a Halloween movie night.

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

Introduce this Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Pillow to your sofa from shopDisney. It'll help to bring magic to your life this Halloween for all you Disney fans out there. Plus, you gotta love old Mickey Mouse. We know we do.

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Halloween blankets
It's time to make your haven into the cosy spooky place of your dreams. From cute throw blankets to garlands, there are lots of ways you can decorate your home for Halloween.

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

The 'this way to celebrate pumpkin throw' is our favourite. It's cute and cosy. Plus, the design will work well for the whole of the fall season not just Halloween night. 

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Tips for decorating your house for Halloween

Know your budget
It's easy to get carried away when you're decorating your home. You want to do a good job so you end up buying a lot more than you can afford. So, start by knowing how much you can spend. If you're tight on cash, purchase a few decorations you love and then add to them by making other decorations yourself. If you have a clear budget, you know how much you have to spend and you buy products in your price range. It's a win for your home and a win for your wallet.

Use some lights
Lights are a great multi-purpose decoration. If you buy green LED lights ones, they can double as both Halloween lights and Christmas lights. Or, orange LED lights could be used all year round to create a calming hygge atmosphere.

Candles also make great Halloween decorations, so if you have some lying around your house use them. Plus, they make your house smell.

Have a colour scheme
From ghosts to orange pumpkins, there are so many different directions you can go in for Halloween decorations. That's why it can help to stick to a theme. You can either do this by picking a Halloween character or a colour you want to use. Black and white is a great theme, as you can use bats, witches and skeletons to decorate your home. Plus, if you have a black cat, they will feel very much at home. But remember, cats aren't just for Halloween they are for life.

Make use of pumpkins
Pumpkins are a cheap way to add some decoration to your home. Carving a pumpkin can be a lot of fun and it gets your creative juices flowing. You can also use the pumpkin to make tasty cupcakes or pumpkin body scrub.


Halloween decorations 
Orange you glad you check out our ultimate Halloween decorating guide? Here are some more decorations if you haven't quite found what you're looking for yet. 

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

We love this smiling juju silver skeleton cup. It makes for one scary decoration and you can use it to serve up the wine on All Hallows' Eve. Don't miss our other articles like our top guide explaining everything you need to know about mortgages.