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Beauty: Guide to the best fall beauty products you should buy now

It's the time of year where the Bath & Body Works fall shop pops up. Pumpkin spiced lattes are on the Starbucks menu, and Yankee Candle has released their classic autumn scents. What are you waiting for? Start celebrating autumn with our guide to your favourite fall beauty products.

Words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield

Face Masks

No, we're not talking about face masks to protect against COVID-19. We're talking about beauty masks. You can kick start your fall beauty self-care routine with this autumn-themed face masks. Hey, life is hard, you deserve to put your feet up and have a pampering sesh. 

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

The pumpkin 24k gold mask is our favourite. It helps with hydration and skin radiance. Pumpkin isn't just a cute Halloween treat, it helps dry and flaky skin recover.


Candles aren't just that gift you're upset to receive on Christmas Day. But, if you open your heart to candles, they can brighten up your home. They'll also fill your room with cosy autumn fragrances.

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

Our favourite candle is the Yankee Candle spiced pumpkin candle. It has a traditional spicy autumn aroma. The candles smells are citrus, orange, nutmeg and spiced pumpkin. 

How to choose the right fall fragrance for you

Pumpkin scent

There are a few different pumpkin scents out there. Our Oh! Ducky Darling favourites are pumpkin cupcake, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, marshmallow pumpkin latte and pumpkin pecan waffles. Pumpkin cupcake does smell like spicy freshly baked cake. It's the perfect choice if you love the smell of fresh baking. Marshmallow pumpkin latte smells like freshly toasted marshmallows giving it a homely feel.

Cinnamon scent

Cinnamon has a spicy smell. It has a similar aroma to freshly baked gingerbread. Or, more accurately, it smells like a cinnamon bun. Cinnamon is a common fragrance in candles, so it's easy to get your hands on. 

Apple cider scent

This scent often includes nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. Apple cider products smell spicy and have a hint of cooked apple to them. It embodies fall you can light an apple cider candle and think about apple picking and making wholesome apple pies.

Pecan pie scent

Talking about pies pecan pie is another awesome fall scent. This aroma is a delightful mixture of pastries and roasted nuts. A Pecan pie scent is often made-up of cinnamon, sugar, honey and hazelnut and pecan, which gives it the strong roasted nut scent.

Bonfire scent

Autumn 'tis the season of bonfires, especially with Bonfire Night in the UK. But, anyone can enjoy an autumn bonfire. You don't even need to leave your house, just light-up a bonfire scented candle. Bonfire is a cosy sent. It smells of warm wood. 


Body Wash

Baths are a great way to relax and a great way to warm yourself up on a cold fall evening. Why not go that extra mile and add some autumn scented body wash into your beauty routine, soon you'll be feeling as pretty as a pumpkin.

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

If you live in the UK, and can't get Bath & Body Works products, the vanilla pumpkin shower gel from The Body Shop is a great alternative. It has a soft and creamy smell.

Everything Else

Does nothing take your fancy yet? Here are some more fall beauty products to get you in the seasonal mood. 

Oh! Ducky Darling Top Pick

You've probably heard of pumpkin-spiced candles but have you heard of pumpkin-spiced lipgloss? Now your lips can have a tasty autumn scent, and if you are lucky someone might kiss it off.