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Style: Creating summer outfit inspiration with Bellelily and Fairyseason

With a rise in cute prints and bright colours, summer is the perfect time to get creative with your closet. Here are some outfit ideas to get you started and your, Oh! Ducky, guide to creating your own summer outfit inspiration, by Rosa Fairfield. 



Look at those shop thumbnails
A lot of shops style outfits for the product thumbnail, this can give you ideas on how to wear items yourself. I would never have naturally thought of wearing sneakers and a denim jacket with the sunflower dress, but seeing it in the picture sells it to me. 



Create a mood board 
This is the first post I've done like this, where I've create outfit mood boards instead of a wish list, and I'm loving it. It's sparked my creativity. It's easy to get caught up in thinking about how much you like a specific item, that you forget to think about what an outfit would look like as a whole. This makes for an eye-catching look and gets you interested in items you would have previously dismissed, like adding fun accessories.

You can create mood boards digitally or by hand. If you have photoshop, you can save a bunch of pictures you like, copy them over to one file and add in a colourful background, like I've done. Alternatively, print a bunch of pictures off, cut them out and stick them onto colourful card. This is both a fun way to spend your free time and it allows you to buy mindfully. 

Mix and match items in your closet 
Just like the mood board, you could spend an afternoon mixing and matching different items that you already own. You might find new ways to style things, and you may end up matching items that you used to think of as a fashion crime. This might spark new ideas for shopping too, as you know what items you're missing that will work with the things you already own (like a colourful t-shirt for those denim shorts). So, wave buy bye to those impulse purchases that you end up returning. 



Buy using themes
A lot of shops do this for you, if you head over the the 'What's New' button, you'll find they order items into different themes like: tie-dye clothing. You can search through the themes to find a complete outfit easily and get some inspiration too. 

Think like an indie girl
If you want to add some creativity into your closet, this can help. Basically, look outside the box. So, instead of thinking about what other people around you are wearing, think about something unique. Imagine you're an artist and you're the unique painting you're trying to create. It's hard to really offer up ideas for creating an indie outfit because then you'll end up looking similar to someone else, which defeats the whole point. But, the movie Star Girl is great for indie outfit inspiration. Also, think about fun floral prints.