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Style: How to create a comfortable but glam look

It's good to be comfortable but sometimes adding a bit of glam to your outfit can help boost your mood. You can follow our step-by-step guide to jazz up your standard comfortable closet and create something a little more fun. Perfect for creating a work-from-home outfit, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith

The comfort part:

What do you find comfortable?
There isn't one set standard of what's comfortable, it can vary depending on your personal preferences. I find pyjamas uncomfortable and mostly wear nighties to bed (if you wanted to learn an odd fact about me). 

If you want to do some soul searching, figuring out what your clothing preferences are could be an easy way to start. 

What makes you feel good?
Clothing shouldn't have to be about impressing other people, it should be about what makes you feel good. If you want to vacuum your house whilst wearing a glittery dress and a full face of make-up, then go for it, you do you. As someone once told me, 'being confident with the way you look is all about feeling and looking like yourself'. 

Think about your favourite colours
If you have no clue where to begin when it comes to creating an outfit, a starting point could be thinking of your favourite colours and then picking items in those colours. It's a great way to break the old, 'will *insert person here* like it if I wear *insert item here*'. Dress for yourself, not what you think other people want you to wear.

How to glam it up:

What items can you substitute? 
Okay, so you figured out what you liked in the first part. Let's use me as an example. I liked wearing nighties. To create a glam look, I could change that out for a sparkly slip dress, bodycon dresses also work well for this. If you like leggings, you could add some glam by wearing leather effect ones. For most items, there's a glam alternative you can use.

Start off with a comfortable base and add things
On more than one occasion, I've left my house wearing my nightwear... and on more than one occasion I've been complimented on it. You can start by wearing your bed wear as a base but then layer things on top of it. A nice shirt over a bedtime slip can make it look like a fancy skirt. Add on a posh coat, earrings, a necklace and you've got a stylish look. This is also a good method if you're working from home and want to feel comfortable but professional at the same time. 

Mix the comfortable in with the smart
If either of the previous methods aren't your thing, you can just try mixing in your comfort clothing with your casual wear. Leggings are perfect for this, as they can look great with a shirt or a cute blouse. You could do this the opposite way too, by wearing some smart looking trousers with a comfortable t-shirt. It's the best of both worlds.