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Style & Fashion: The Smart Guide To Nailing The Intellectual Look

Whether you've recently landed a new office job or crave a change of style to reflect your evolving maturity, the intellectual look is ideal. If you want to look smart, you need to act smart. The shrewdest thing you can do is prepare for the transition with a winning plan of action.

Focus on the 10 simple features below, and you won't go far wrong.

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1| Choose The Right Spectacles
Nobody is really sure where the association between glasses and intelligence started, but it can't be ignored. Right now, circle glasses are the best solution by far. In truth, they've been associated with a number of creatives of both genders ever since John Lennon. And they are worn by lots of political workers and business owners too.

In fact, many people wear non-prescription glasses solely for the aesthetic rewards.

2| Get A 'Professionals' Hairstyle
Your hairstyle says a lot about you. First and foremost, you need to find a hairstyle that suits your natural colouring and facial shape. However, this guide to hairstyles for professional women can give you an even greater advantage in your battle to look smarter. In most cases, avoiding crazy cuts and colour combinations is advised.

Aside from making you look smarter, it's a step that can significantly boost your confidence.

3| Use Understated Makeup
Most women can benefit from a little makeup application. However, painting your face as though you're ready for the nightclub could backfire. Creating the natural look with a light layer of makeup will provide the desired look. Meanwhile, French nails and other clean and clear solutions will work wonders.

Avoid the vibrant colours where possible. You won't regret it.

4| Consider Hat Choices
Wearing a hat certainly isn't essential, but it can be the perfect way to support a tied up hairstyle. Berets can have a positive influence in recreational settings, especially if you want to look artistic too. In truth, though, there are several styles like a fedora that can have an equally telling influence.

Once again, it's a case of finding what works for you.

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5| Dress For The Casual Office
When making fashion choices, thinking about smart casual office work is often best. A blouse, blazer, short-to-medium length skirt, and tights combo is ideal. A lighter coloured blouse or short contrasts very well with a darker jacket and skirt. Meanwhile, simple ideas like keeping a pen in the blazer pocket can work wonders.

The great thing about this look is that it works in a versatile range of settings.

6| Wear Heels
OK, so you probably won't want wedge heels to create the intellectual look. However, there's no doubt that taller people are often perceived as more successful. Given the close association of success and intelligence, this is an easy tip to incorporate. Besides, the extra inches can increase your self-confidence.

Just be sure to choose luxury. If you're unsure on designs, a simple black shoe is ideal.

7| Carry A Book
Accessories can have a huge influence on any fashion style. When trying to create the intellectual look, carrying a book is one of the best options by far. These books for intellectuals are all great options that can perfect your appearance. Better still, you'll be sure to gain valuable knowledge from reading about the key subject matter.

Alternatively, a notebook and a broadsheet newspaper can produce a similar appeal.

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8| Cover Tattoos
There's no reason why you shouldn't have a tattoo. Nonetheless, there is a widespread perception held that tattooed women are less intelligent. While there is no correlation other than coincidental ones, it is an issue to keep in mind. When getting a tattoo, you should opt for designs that can be covered with ease.

This can also come to your rescue when entering formal settings like weddings.

9| Wear 'Smart' Colours
Colour choices can have a huge impact on the way people react to us. Red is a colour that evokes power and authority, which is why red accessories or a dash of red in your shirt designs can create the smarter vibe. Conversely, nature-related colours can often make you look kooky and hippyish.

For similar reasons, simplistic designs are often better than overly fancy prints.

10| Choose Better Fabrics
There's no need to wear the most expensive brands, but you should select good fabrics. When opting for jumpers, cashmere is an ideal choice that retains its luxurious aestehtic for years. Essentially, you want an appearance that looks smart, expensive, and mature. Even if the product was surprisingly affordable.

When supported by the other steps, you'll look smarter than ever.