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Style & Fashion: How to make your own party dress

I was standing against my wall, trying and failing to look hot by leaving the top layer of this dress open and balanced around my shoulders. Instead of looking hot, I ended up tripping over and the dress slipped down. But, sliver linings... I discovered a whole new way of wearing this dress and now you can too with these five simple steps.

Words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield

Here's the five simple steps you need to take to create the look in the pictures, with some added pointers of how you can glam up the look even more:

The slip dress 
The dress comes with a slip to wear underneath. The starting point to creating this look is... you know... wearing the slip dress. That's going to be our base. The material is fairly thin so you might want to wear a t-shirt or mesh top underneath. This would also create a layered effect.

Adjust the straps 
I'm fairly... okay, really small... so I had to adjust the straps a lot to make sure the slip dress fell correctly. It's so easy to forget that a lot of dresses come with adjustable straps... but, honestly, it really can make all the difference. The whole look can... well look so much better and it looks less crumbled.

Rest the overdress around the waist 
The dress comes with a mesh overdress. It's listed on the website as being worn over the top like an oversized dress. I decided to change things up by wearing it as a skirt. To achieve the puffy bottom effect, put the over dress on but leave it rested around your waist.

Pull the belt tight and tie in a bow 
Now that the overdress is rested around your waist, you should see two ties hanging down. Simply pull these tight around your waist and secure them by creating a bow. Now you should see the shape forming. It should create the effect of looking like a giant bow that's tied around your waist, like in the pictures above.

Make the final adjustments
Last but not least, it's time to make the final adjustments. This could be just fluffing out the skirt to make sure it hangs in a flattering way. Don't forget to make sure the slip dress is properly pulled down underneath. On the first set of pictures I forgot to do this... and yeah, you could see my knickers. It wasn't my best look.

If you want to go one step further with the party vibes you could tie a sequinned wrap around the top to give the look a bit of extra sparkle. Alternatively, try adding some gold jewellery and some sparkly fish net tights. Don't forget your heels. What outfit wouldn't be complete without some searing foot pain?

There you have it, you just made a dress look completely different to what it should be worn like... unless someone else you know has read this article and tried this out. If not, you have yourself your own unique look.


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