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Leisure Day Activities To Escape The City Madness

Image Source: Unsplash

Cities are great places to live, as there is always something going on, yet the day after day hustle can become tedious. With that in mind, here are a few great ideas on how to escape the city and enjoy a day of leisure.


Book A Hot Air Balloon Ride - There's nothing quite like slowly rising above the city and surveying the surroundings as you hang silently in the air, and if you have yet to experience a trip in a hot air balloon, you don’t know what you are missing. An online search will help you to locate a local tour operator, and the great thing about a balloon ride is you are at the mercy of the wind regarding the direction you take. Try to pick a cloudless day for the very best viewing, and it can get quite cold when you are up in a balloon, so wear suitable clothing
Image Source: Unsplash

✔️ Book A Helicopter Tour – If you happen to be in Australia, you can try the Sydney HeliTours Hunter Valley helicopter tours for a truly unique experience. Aside from enjoying the stunning views of Sydney Opera House and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the tour takes you to the beautiful Hunter Valley, home to some of the best wineries in the country. A typical tour would take about 5 hours and would include two 50-minute flights, along with lunch at a top restaurant in the valley. As far as helicopter rides go, you would be hard pushed to top this one!

Image Source: Unsplash

✔️ Trekking - If you have a car, why not look for a place of natural beauty that is well within driving distance, and you and your partner can spend a day trekking and exploring the wonders of nature. Part of the fun is planning your route, or you could simply head off on a mystery hike and see where it takes you, and there will be some quaint pubs and taverns where you can sample the local cuisine.

✔️ Horse Riding - The very best way to experience the countryside is on horseback, and no matter what city you live in, you will never be further than a short drive to the countryside. You could rent horses for the day and explore on your own, or take one of the guided tours with an experienced guide to show you the very best local attractions, just make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Even if you have zero riding experience, you can ride on an experienced horse that will happily plod along at a snail’s pace, and the horse would know the route, so you can’t get lost.

There are articles available online giving few more ideas on fun-based activities for adults. There are many ways that you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and the Internet offers a wealth of resources to research and book the perfect day in the countryside. Use your imagination and you will be surprised at the unique fun activities that can be found with a little online searching.