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3 Legal Ways To Watch Your Favourite Movies Online

Image Credit: Pexels. Free to Use Licence.

The internet has revolutionised media delivery, allowing us to digest our favourite content including music to movies from the comfort of our own homes. But with the digital age also came a surge in illegal piracy and now instead of simply asking yourself “how to watch movies online” you need to also make sure you add on the word ‘legally’ to avoid getting caught up in the law and facing the possibility of a lawsuit against you. So, how can you go about it?

1. Through the obvious media streaming sites

Perhaps the most well known, and one of the easiest way, to watch movies online legally is through well-known streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV. Usually, a subscription to one of these sites will be enough to satisfy the movie craving of even the most rapid movie consumer, however, don’t expect to find cinema premiers on the site for a little while after their release. What these streaming sites do have going for them is your access to tons of other types of media including a vast range of TV series some of which are exclusive to their host streaming site. Netflix, in particular, is becoming quite well known for its Netflix original productions of both movies and TV shows including hit favourites Biggest Liar in Ghana, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards, to name but a few.

2. Via Public Domain Torrents

If you’re a fan of older movies then Public Domain Torrents may be the route for you. Torrents have gained themselves a bad nake in the past through association with torrent websites such as Pirate Bay, which were often used for illegal piracy, however, torrents in themselves aren’t illegal. Public Domain Torrents is a collection of just under a thousand movies that remain in the public domain, which makes them completely free and also legal. For a movie to be available in the public domain its copyrights and intellectual property ownerships must have expired, this means that most movies in the public domain are pretty old, but oldies are often goodies and considering this is completely free, what do you have to lose?! You can find some great torrent site alternatives to Pirate Bay here -

3. Through popular TV channels or your TV provider
If paying for a subscription site isn’t what you had in mind and you want a little more up to date selection, then you may find that you are able to access movies online and on the go through your TV provider of through TV channels that you already have access to. If you or your parents have access to Sky with a movie package then you can log in to Sky Go to access Sky’s movie selection and TV series. Alternatively, you can also access the iPlayer and All Four for access to movies and TV programmes shown through the BBC and Chanel 4, just remember that if you use these services, even on your laptop, you need to have paid for a TV licence.