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Style and Fashion: Why you should own a statement bag

All that glitters is completely golden, in the bag world of course... and what bag statement better than the statement bag. It says it all right there in the title and if you want to add a little spice to your wardrobe one of these numbers could be perfect for you, with Fyy 

Words and Photographs by Rosa Fairfield

They're a good conversation starter
This is especially true if you buy a bag that represents a fandom and you want to make friends. Say if you have an alien bag, a person who also likes aliens will end up having a conversation with you about their mutual love for the topic. Then if you want to, you could see if this evolves into a friendship. It doesn't even need to be a novelty bag, if someone just shares you love for fashion you could just end up falling into a conversation over that.

They're normally fun sized
Statement bags tend to be extremes.... so they're normally either very small or very large. Either of these options works well. The big bag allows you to fit more stuff inside it. That's great if you're going on an overnight trip or need to bring your lunch to work. The micro bag is good for when you want to give your back a rest and teaches you to only carry the essentials with you. You can visit FYY to purchase this sparkly number.

They're versatile
Just because it's a statement bag, it doesn't mean that it can't be versatile. Even if the bag is a little bit jazzy, if can work well with a simple out to liven it up. Then you can add it to an evening outfit to create fun. You can even try out a complete statement outfit and it will be seen as the cherry on top. So, yep, you shouldn't shy away from a statement bag because you think it won't go with anything because that's just not true.

You don't have to break the bank
This one is another misconception. I don't think statement bag has to mean splashing out on something designer. I think statement bags just tend to have an element of novelty to them and there are some really great affordable novelty bags out there.

You can have some styling fun 
Having that fun piece in your life can be inspiring and get you to jump outside of your comfort zone. I've always believed fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. It doesn't have to be about trying to look good or feeling good or getting attention... or whatever million and one reasons out there, there are. It can just be you letting go and experimenting just because.

On a final note, the thing with bags is that they're that same item. You normally use the same one pretty much everyday for a period of time. At least this is what I do, it would take way too much effort constantly changing bags on a daily basis. Anyway, my point is, if you're going use the same bag daily, you should find something a bit interesting.