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Style and Fashion: How to wear pink like as an adult

Pink is THAT colour, the one most of us seemed so keen to wear when we were little but as adults we tend to avoid because we think it's 'uncool' or 'childish' or 'too girly'. It doesn't have to be that way though, pink is such a versatile colour and here are some ways to help you style it in a way that works for you, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Don't overthink it 
You can stand in front of your closet all day worrying about if this is too much pink... or if it looks childish. But... does it really matter? If you like the outfit then go for it, it doesn't matter what other people think because that's the thing style is always subjective and they'll be people that like the way you dress and people that don't. The annoying thing is, that we all seem to form opinions about people's personality based on the outfits we wear... but the truth is that I could very easily go to the shop tomorrow and buy a suit or a pair of ripped jeans but wearing either one of those doesn't change who I am as a person.

Think about what style you're going for
After I went off on that slightly philosophical tangent, I thought I'd go back to some practical advice. Pink can be worn in pretty much any style vibe, you can do rockstar pink, boho pink, conservative pink, chic pink. You can do pink whatever you want. Just, a great way to spark some ideas really, and knowing what look you're going for will help you to determine what colours you should pick. You can visit Romwe to find some more pink items.

Don't be judgemental 
... and back to my existential crisis. Seriously though, I hear so many judgemental comments about clothing pieces, 'this is ugly, I'd never wear it in a million years'... 'those tassels are gross'. I just believe in openness when it comes to personal style. Any item can be used to create an interesting outfit, you just have to be open to using it. When you find that openness you can really be creative with styling things and it pushes you to think outside the box and find new and interesting ways to wear stuff.

Think about the tone of pink and shades
Figure out what kind of shades of pink you like and try to do this without bias. Don't get caught up in the spiral of... 'must wear lighter shades of pink because it's looks more adult'. Put everything like that out of the window and think about what you really like. Then have fun and experiment, you could even try mixing different shades and colour tones.

This about the shapes 
The shape of an outfit it important for creating an overall event, is it a baggy oversized look... or is it a tailored fitted look. You can even think about what extra little bits you can add to make the look for interesting by knotting different items together, wearing them backwards, adding scarves. If you really do what to look like an adult, then going for a modern chic twist like this can really achieve that.