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Fashion & Style: How to wear a watch with Ice Watch

If arm candy is your jam, then a watch might make the perfect accessory. It's cute, it's practical and great for anyone who has a compulsion to check the time every 5 seconds, AKA me. But... well, how do you style a watch? Bellow are five tips that can help you to get that watch look on point.

Words and Photographs by Rosa Fairfield

Keep it modern 
If you don't want to look like your middle age second aunty removed one... or your younger sister who has just started preschool - eh, what's wrong with that anyway - then modern is the way to go. I just mean... wear the watch with a fashion forward kinda outfit. Even if it's something simple like jeans and a tee.

Remember not to wear it upside down
I would like to say that I wore the watch upside down intentionally, in my pictures, to demonstrate a point. Nope, I just always kinda zone out when I'm getting ready and end up making lots of mistakes like this one. I also end up wearing odd socks sometimes because I don't pay enough attention. Anyway, back to the point I was making, yeah, remember to wear it the right way up... it especially helps if you want to photograph it *insert shrugging shoulders emoji here*

Think about colours 
Yeah, I know, the only thing I ever do seem to think about is colour. It's such a great way to come up with an outfit idea though. If you want to create something, thinking about a colour scheme can really help you make a snap decision about what you want to wear with what. There were lots of w's in that sentence, I liked it. If it's a coloured watch you can work with making the whole outfit the same colour, like I did.

Add some jewellery 
Some matching jewellery helps to make watches look sophisticated. With this one, some plain gold rings might look nice stacked. The gold matches the detailing in the watch and the simple nature of the rings would contrast nicely with the funky design of the watch. It's something to have a play around with. If jewellery isn't your thing, you can get the same effect by painting your nails a matching colour.

Pay attention to your sleeves 
Another practical point to make. If you're going to wear a watch, long sleeves aren't the best to wear with it. The watch wouldn't be on show and if you did want to check the time, you'd have to put the extra effort into pulling your sleeve up. If you're going to do that, you might as well just check the time on your phone. Of course, you could try wearing your watch on the outside of the sleeve, I'm not sure if this would work or not. I've never tried it... it might be good if you have small wrists.

... and that marks the end of another episode of Rosa's Random Ramblings, stay tuned for the next one kids.

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