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Entertainment: Book review for Random Attachment by Gertrude T. Kitty

Books, books, books and more books. Random Attachment has everything, from drama to suspense with a splash of romance on the side. You can find out all about this noteworthy novel in the latest instalment of Rosa's Rosy book club, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs also by Rosa Fairfield

So, the book is about a girl living on a council estate who's trying to change her life and escape the abusive relationship she has with her mother. Things take a dramatic turn when she starts to stalk a boy she meets on the train, little does she know... there's also someone also watching her... and not just anyone, a notorious serial killer. 

The story had me hooked from the first chapter. It opens on dialogue and an action packed scene of Mia being interviewed at a police station. What?! A young girl at a police station, what has she done... dun-dun-dunnnnn! 

We're introduced to some characters and some events that have happened but you have to continue reading to discover exactly who they are (oh, the mystery). It's the sort of story where you have to read to the very last page and then suddenly everything clicks into place and you go, 'ah, that makes so much sense now'. It's written in a very clever way really because it makes you not want to put the book down, as you're so wrapped up in the mystery. Literally, at one point, when I did manage to put the book down, I realised I'd forgotten to eat my lunch. 

The book has a lot of 'adult' themes. There's talk of addiction, abuse and bedroom activities. I really like the way it didn't shy away from these issues. Sometimes YA books brush over these topics but I think it's good to acknowledge the effects that these issues have on the people living them.

I thought the characters, especially the main boy and girl, were well written. Mia transforms thought-out the story and she's definitely not the typical hero you'd expect. From the first few pages we learn she wants to kill her mother but she cares a lot about the serial killer's kidnap victims. Then there's Flynn who's not your average romanic interest, he swears a lot and forgets to call girls back. I like it, sometimes fiction with a female lead can be reduced to a bunch of girlfriends giggling over coffee. That's great - I mean most people like coffee - but this story is a refreshing break from that narrative (oh, look at me being fancy with my words). 

I was impressed with the ending too, it wasn't the one I expected so it had the slight element of surprise but it wasn't a massive plot twist that left you going 'huh, what!?' So yeah... it wasn't too predictable but it still made perfect sense. 

Although, as a pointer, I'd recommend not reading this book if you're home alone. When the tension builds it can make you a bit jumpy... or very jumpy in my case. So, if you're a complete scaredy cat, like me, have someone in the house with you who you can run to - for a cuddle - if you start to feel too on edge. 

But, yep, all in all, I'd deffo recommend giving this book a read, it will have you hooked. Well, it had me hooked, at least, so it might reel you in too.

Find out more about the book and its author via Instagram: @gertrudet.kitty - you can also order the book on Amazon 

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