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Style & Fashion: 6 wedding dress styles you should try

On the hunt for the perfect dress for your special day. Well, look no further, here are my current size favourite wedding dress styles. Whether you want to look like a regal queen that commands attention or a pretty swan princess, there's something out there for everyone, by Rosa Fairfield.

These wedding dresses with sleeves are from the brand Suzhoudress UK - click the links to check out their website. 

Lots of Lace
I think there's something quite regal about this dress. It has a kind of royal feel to it, being simple yet detailed and it works so well with the necklace and the veil. It's got a nice shape and the lace detailing  sets the classy tone. The dress also works very well with an up-do, hair being down would detract from the detailing.

Tight Fit 
I personally tend to stay away from straight cut dresses but I think they can look really nice on some people. They either give off that tall and elegant vibe... or cute little pixie, depending on who is wearing it. The mess top on this gives the dress an extra special something. Again, if you have long hair, it probably works better with an up-do.

This is MY Wedding 
This one is a bit more flashy than the others. The flower detailing on the skirt is a great touch to add that extra wow factor. The sleeves on this as great too, as it almost gives the effect of the embroidery being tattooed on the arms. This dress would probably work best with curvy figures and I imagine it with loose flowing hair.

Swan Princess
I'd describe this one as being beautiful, understated and pretty. I say understated but to some people this might be very out there, I just tend to have a 'quirky' sense of style. The detailing is subtle so it adds some texture to the dress without making a statement. I've always been a fan of mess sections on dresses too, I think it adds that pretty something.

Cute & Flirty 
This is a very odd wedding dress... and I mean that in a good way. It's a good kind of odd. The top section so causal it could just be a regular blouse. The back shape and button detailing is great. Then you have the fun skirt that adds the wow factor to the design. If I was going to pick a dress, it would probably be this one.

Evil Queen
For some reason this dress reminds me of Regina from Once Upon A Time. I could just imagine this being her wedding dress. It's attention grabbing, grand and has a sultry feel to it. It's definitely a dress that would turn a few heads. I could see it working well in a really lavish venue.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you've found this helpful if your planning your big day... or, let's face it, if you just want to have a bit of a daydream about your perfect wedding.