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Style and Fashion: Destination wedding dress inspiration

When most people picture a wedding, they see a fancy venue, with people looking fancy sitting around fancy dressed tables but that's not the only option. Destination weddings are a great alternative to inject a fun, casual feel into your big day, by Rosa Fairfield.

But, what do you wear if you want to create a relaxed, alternative atmosphere? These beach wedding dresses are here to give you some ideas, from suzhoudress uk.

Off The Shoulder Affair
... because your wedding should be an affair to remember (see what I did there, ha... ha...). Cheesy puns aside, I love this dress. I think destination dresses have to have a simple structure to them and this one captures that. It also has the lace sleeve detail, which adds character and gives a 'wildlife' vibe. A veil and flower crown can be great for creating a pretty pixie effect.

It's All Lace
I think lace can either go two ways, it captures the classical or vibes with boho. This dress fits into the second category. The slim and simple fit make it casual and the lace pattern adds something a bit funky. You could go all... bare feet, flowers in hair and anklets... in the middle of the forest. I think a forest wedding would be pretty, with all twinkling fairy lights.

Posing In The Country 
This one is probably the dress that's least like a classical wedding dress. It's so basic and floaty that you could get away with wearing it on just your regular sunny day. Great, if you want to really try to shake off tradition. I imagine someone wearing this at a desert wedding with cowboy boots. I've deffo seen a few weddings like that on Instagram.

Where's My Back Gone?
The back detailing adds a cute but casual twist to this little number (it's a little number because that extra bit of fabric is missing). You can tell Rosa is getting a bit delirious when she starts making bad jokes and talking in third person. It has a great straight cut thought, whilst still keeping its floaty feel.

Float Away With The Stairs 
Again, this one is another floaty number, this dress, I'd say, has more of that princess feel to it. It's also modelled beautifully here too, with the tousled hair. It keeps inline with the wild feel. You could be a fairy that's just recently walked out of a forest.

A Reminder That I'm Hot
If you want your S.O to be reminded of just what a great looking person they're getting hitched too, then this dress is perfect for you. I'd just like to add in here that temporary tattoos and boho jewellery are a great way to project alternative vibes. Accessories can make all the difference as to the vibe of the outfit.

So yeah, that's that. I hope it's offered you some inspiration for alternative dress ideas because the classical wedding isn't for everyone but that doesn't mean you can't get married.