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The Best Places to Seek Real Travel Advice Before You Head Abroad

In a world of social media and influencer marketing, it’s often difficult to tell where you can get the best information these days. A lot of content on the net is motivated by money and it’s difficult to tell where you can get genuine advice and opinions. Luckily, travel is one of those areas where most people are motivated by a sense of wanderlust and a desire to tell stories and talk about their lives. So in this article, we’re going to tell you about the best places to seek real travel advice before you decide to go abroad.

1. Real blogs with real advice

If a travel blog has more than a dozen employees, talks more about products than actual travel and has advertisements on every footer, header and side panel, then you can be sure that they’re motivated purely by money. On the contrary, smaller blogs with lots of pictures of the places they’ve been, real product recommendations with photographs or videos of them using it and journals about their favourite holiday locations are great places to look for information.

Another sign that the advice can be trusted is if they’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing. Some blogs specialize in talking about certain types of travel gear while others like to talk about just fast food in each country. These highly-specialised blogs are fantastic places for good advice when it comes to travelling.

It’s a little harder to find these types of blogs. It often involves a bit of googling and social media trawling, but places like and are great places to start if you want to look for informative travel blogs that can offer excellent advice.

2. YouTube videos from independent travellers

Some of the best travelling experiences you can get are the ones that don’t involve tour guides and travel agencies. Those companies might be a good option if you’ve got no idea where to go, but the reality is that there are hundreds of viable sources of good travel information and a lot of them actually come from YouTube.

This is because YouTube is a platform where creators thrive on creating entertaining content. This means that it’s a great place to get videos of the many popular travel destinations in the world and is also a great way to see how good content is judging by the likes, dislikes and views that a video is getting. There are also specialists on YouTube that travel for the sake of food, music and other interests. It makes YouTube a fantastic platform for learning about new countries to visit.

You can also get plenty of fantastic information regarding a country’s customs. For instance, there are plenty of videos about Japanese culture and how to order food in the country if you don’t understand the language, and there are many videos about where to travel in Africa should you be interested in a safari adventure. YouTube’s suggestions also give you plenty of content to dig through to search for your ideal holiday destination.