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9 Amazing Tips For Travelling With A Large Group Of People

Travelling the world is one of the most amazing experiences out there, and what do they say about the good times? You should share them with friends and family! It’s not uncommon for people to travel in large groups, purely because it can make the experience ten times better. However, when travelling with a large group of people you can easily become annoyed or frustrated, so check out these tips for travelling with a large group of people so that your trip runs smoothly and you have tonnes of fun.

Photo by Vikas Sawant from Pexels

Book everything together

When you’re travelling with a group of people it’s very likely that it’s because you don’t get the chance to spend much time together in your usual day to day lives. While it may be tempting to go ahead and book your flights, travel to and from the airport, and even your accommodation, you’re more likely to get a discount if you book as a group. Large parties of people travelling bring in plenty of revenue for hotels and airlines and more often than not, you’ll find that they’re more than willing to give you a discount on your booking. If you and your travelling buddies don’t live close together, appoint someone to arrange the group booking so that you can still take advantage of a very welcome discount.

Find accommodation that can comfortably house all of you

One of the most common things to do when travelling with a handful of people is to book a villa or a house to share during your vacation. This can be great fun because you’re all close together and you’ll never have a dull moment. However, it can be a frustrating part of the trip due to bathroom queues, noisy people in the party at night time, and generally wanting your own space after a long day. Sunway Geo offers condominiums with over 30 stories and 400 separate rooms, meaning that you and your travelling buddies will always be close together, yet have more amenities such as your own bathroom, kitchen, and peace and quiet when you want it.

Split off into smaller groups

While you love your friends very much and are thrilled to be travelling with them, it’s completely understandable that you might want time alone with your spouse or someone that you’re closer with than everyone else. Arrange with your friends to split off into groups every now and then so that you can each discover something new about your destination and also avoid everyone getting annoyed with each other.

Show off your friends!

Travelling with those that you hold nearest and dearest is an experience that you’ll want to cherish forever, so show off your friends! You can buy ‘group merch’ with matching t-shirts, baseball caps, bags, and even lilos! Why not print an inside joke of yours to make the idea of having matching clothing that little bit funnier.

Pre-book meals and tables at bars

When there’s a lot of you, restaurants and bars may find it hard to accommodate to your needs when eating or drinking out, so it’s a good idea to call into the restaurant or bar beforehand and book a table. Deciding where you’re going to eat or drink early enough in the day will also allow everyone to decide if that’s what they’d like to do that evening. Another perfect example of when splitting off into smaller groups can come in perfect handy. Remember, it’s everyone’s holiday to enjoy so sometimes, a little bit of compromise will be necessary.

Mix up your luggage

This might sound a little backhanded, especially if you’ve all got different rooms. However, it’s very common for airlines to accidentally lose cases or leave them behind and if that happens to any of you, you’ll be left with nothing to wear until your case is recovered (if at all). Put an outfit into each of your friend’s cases and allow them to do so too so that if the worst does happen, at least you’ve got a change of clothes to freshen up into. The same goes for toiletries like sun cream, toothpaste, sanitary items and hair products. Mix items up to ensure that you won’t be left short.

Photo by from Pexels

Pre-plan group activities

As mentioned, one of the best parts of travelling in a group is taking part in activities together! Pre-plan activities for the same reason as eating or drinking out to ensure that everyone can take part and enjoy the fun. Here are some ideas on group activities that you could consider:

  • Hire a boat for the day, take some drinks and a picnic and sail on the sea as a group! Why not switch on some music and turn it into a party boat for the day?
  • Go for long hikes together and admire the views as a group. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated!
  • Sunbathe together on the beach! This is brilliant for those that don’t get to spend much time together that want some quality time!
  • Find nature walks nearby and book a group outing.
  • Rent scooters or bikes as a group and do some sightseeing.
  • Arrange nights to spend together at your accommodation. Light a BBQ, turn up the music, and enjoy each other’s company!

Create a killer playlist

Music is a fantastic way to add to your memories because whenever you hear songs, they direct your mind to that time of your life. Have everyone pick a select few songs and create a playlist on Spotify so that whenever you hear those songs in the future, you can look back and remember all of the good times from your trip! You can create playlists on your phone, iPod, or MP3 player. Alternatively, use Spotify to create a playlist so that you can come back to it time and time again.

Pack your camera!

If you’re planning a trip with a large group of people you’re pretty much guaranteed to have plenty of moments that are camera worthy. With social media allowing you to upload images with a few simple clicks, you can show off to your other friends and family how much fun you’re all having on your vacation, so don’t forget to pack your camera! Snapping pictures will also come in handy for group excursions and day trips, so make sure it’s always nearby wherever you are!

Travelling with a lot of people can be stressful if it’s not planned properly. Remember that not everyone is going to want to do the same thing as you and vice versa. The best way to avoid any arguments is to take everything with a pinch of salt, solve disagreements with laughter or shrugging it off and most importantly, enjoy your experience with those you love the most!