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The Best Career Options For Moving Abroad

It’s hard to return to a normal, everyday life once you’ve had a taste of the excitement of traveling abroad. But it’s impossible to stay on the road without having the cash to get from A to B, so many people choose to return home for a little while, save up their money, and then hit the road again. But what if you didn’t need to return home? If you have a career that can take you overseas, then you won’t need to -- you can move abroad, soak up the culture from the inside, and then move on when you think the time is right. Below, we take a look at a few of the best career options for living this lifestyle.


Anything Online

You have to love the internet -- it allows people to work anywhere they like, providing they have a reliable connection. If you’re motivated enough, it’s possible to make a living via online work, be it in support, writing, designing websites, or anything else. There’s no barrier to pass in order to start work. It’s a matter of just getting down to work and doing it. Once you’re underway, you can work anywhere, providing you have the right work visa to do so legally.

Medicine Options

Most professions aren’t transferable -- they’re not important enough, or specific enough, to make it worthwhile for overseas companies and organizations to hire someone from another country. Medical professions, however, are different. They’re very much in demand. Indeed, if you’re a nurse, you’ll find that there are plenty of countries that make it easier for you to get a nurse. If you study on fnp programs online and become a Doctor of Nursing Practice Family Nurse Practitioner, then you’ll have even more options. If you want to travel the world and help those in need, then this is the best option.

Teaching the Next Generation

The idea of staying in your hometown and teaching children might fill you with dread, but what about teaching children from a different country? There are two options: you can teach English as a foreign language, which is a fantastic opportunity for people to explore all corners of the world and get paid to do so, without much experience needed. The other is to teach an English based curriculum in an international school, which are located all over the world. It’ll be like being immersed in a little corner of the States (or the UK) but surrounded by a completely different culture.

In the Tourism Sector

If you want to travel and make a living, then why not look at working in the tourism sector? Becoming a tour guide, marketing expert, or even a chef is a great way to live overseas, explore, and do something that you love. This is more competitive than the other jobs listed, but for those who are lucky enough to land a job in this field, you’ll find that it’s a career that offers much more than simply a monthly paycheck.