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4 Great Spring Travel Destinations

It might have felt like a long and cold winter, but the end is in sight. Spring is on the horizon, and we all know what that means -- there is much excitement and adventure coming up. While it’s fun to take a trip somewhere exciting during the summer, there’s much to love about taking a trip in spring. For starters, it gets you into the ‘fun adventure’ mode early on, which will help you to make the most of the possibilities of spring and summer. But where to go? We take a look at four options below.


The National Parks

We’ve all been locked inside our homes for the past few months, or at least it feels like it. So what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by getting into the great outdoors? Spring is arguably the best time to visit the magnificent National Parks that the United States has. The weather will be fine (though not in all parks), and there’ll be fewer crowds. If you have any ambitions to head to the Grand Canyon, for example, do so during the spring -- you won’t have the space all to yourself, but it’ll feel like it by comparison.

To the Beach

If you’re less a “grand outdoors” person, then why not take a trip to a beach area? There are plenty of options that’ll allow you to enjoy a relaxing coastal break. If you’re on the West Coast, then San Diego offers a fantastic spring break. The whole city is coming into life, the temperatures are agreeable, and you can dance on the beach in peace. On the east coast, look for accommodations in an Outer Banks hotel -- spring is a great time to visit the island part of North Carolina. You’ll have unpopulated beaches, and no waits at the destination’s many delicious restaurants!

City Touring

Is there a better time to spend some time soaking up the atmosphere, culture, and activities of a large city than spring? During the winter, things can be too chilly to spend long days exploring outdoors. In the summer, the heat can be unbearable! During spring, everything seems to be just right. The temperatures are fine, the locals seem to be in a good mood, and fewer tourists. Perfect! Some cities lend themselves to spring trips better than others. New York is delightful in the spring, as is Washington DC, which blooms into cherry goodness.

Across the Pond

What about taking a trip further afield? Europe in spring can be better than Europe in summer, depending on where you want to go. Because places in Southern Europe often get too hot in the summer, places like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece, to name just a few, are best visited in spring. And not to drive the point home, but you’ll find that there are much, much fewer people if you take a trip in April than if you made a trip in July. Now you’ve got a few ideas, you can begin planning your travels!