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Style & Fashion: Dresslily Valentine's Day Outfit Wishlist

If you're looking for something to wear this Valentine's Day to impress a special someone (that someone can be yourself), then Dresslily have some great pieces for you.


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It's 12am and I really probably should get some sleep instead of writing blog posts... but I'm here now so we're doing this. Hey... this one is Valentine's Day themed too. I have a weird relationship with Valentine's Day. I've never celebrated it but I do love all the pretty items that spring out in the shops around this time of year. I make a point to leave the house just so I can see the pretty displays.

I love this, I think it's something a little bit different. Plus, if your special someone is thinking of treating you to a getaway... then it's perfect really isn't it. Alternatively, you could have an indoor paddling pool, get inside and pretend you're somewhere warmer?

I think this is currently sold out on the site but I still like it. It still has the mesh effect on it but it isn't as revealing as some of the similar designs out there. I ended up getting shouted at by someone for my swimsuit being too revelling once.

This one is very classic romantic, it's pink and has ruffles... basically. It's great if you have a nice skirt to go with it and wanted to create a great day look. Plus, you could wear this anytime of year really, it doesn't scream Valentine's Day only. I really like, the corset tie detail too, it makes it seem a bit more edgy.

I'm in love with this dress, I think it has to be one of the prettiest things I've seen. The mullet shape gives it stylish romantic vibes. The bottom fabric also has a nice texture contrast with the top. I don't know what else to say about it, it just looks very aesthetically pleasing.

I'm loving the vintage vibes here. Plus, for some reason, this one reminds me of 500 Days of Summer.   It's cute and would make a great causal daytime dress, as well as a cute restaurant number. I particularly like the shape, the straps are a bit different too. 

This one is a really nice colour. Sometimes red can be a little too harsh but this is a nice deep red. Again, it's a nice shape and has some romantic ruffle detail. It would make a great special occasion dress for after you've been on your date ;) 

A tall figure stands across the room. She sways her hips, the pink dress she's wearing moving seamlessness, moulded to her skin. She spots him and runs her hand down his back. I don't know... for some reason this dress screams fancy perfume advert to me. 

If you want to just skip Valentine's Day and get married, this one is for you. It's so pretty though, all lace and such a cool shape.

Again, I love the mesh detail on the top and the shape is great. It's sooooooo pretty.

Can I stop writing now, it's 1am?

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