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Self-Help: How to plan the perfect self-care day

It was kinda one of those cloudy rainy drizzle-y days, my back was hurting from walking around, and I'd just had a pretty 'meh' audition that I just wasn't feeling. I went home, locked myself in a room (which is my answer to everything apparently). I put on some music and I took these photographs. That got me thinking about some slightly random self-care tips, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Rosa Fairfield

Take photographs
Yeah, I know that's kinda what I was saying above... but I wanted to explain. You know all those perfect posed Instagram photos, pretty smiles. Forget those. Literally, go mad. Do whatever comes into your head... however you feel. It's really liberating, get however you're feeling out of your system.

Film yourself
As an alternative, literally get out your camera, phone... recording device, hit record and say everything you want to say. Rant about your day, that person who broke your heart. Anything you want to. Nope, I'm not suggesting that you splash it all over YouTube. You can simply delete it after you've made it. My friend suggested this one to me.

Listen to music
However you're feeling, there is a song to match that emotion. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I sometimes think it's nice to listen to sad songs when you feel sad, or heavy metal if you're angry... or happy songs if you're happy. It's good to embrace how you feel as long as you're doing it for a healthy reason. Alternately, if you want to relax, stick on some classical music.

Create something
Getting lost in a project is a good way to relax your mind. I tend to draw when I want to relax, I switch off from the online world and concentrate on creating something or I dance. It's important to throw out the rules of trying to create something 'perfect' though, just have fun. Think, 'this is just for me, no one else is going to see this'.

What would your ideal date look like?
What would happen on your perfect date? Would the person show up with flowers? What would they say to you? Once you know exactly how it would go, walk yourself through that process. Say those nice things to yourself in your head. Do that activity. Buy yourself that special treat. Sometimes we spend so long waiting for someone else to make us happy that we forget to make ourselves happy.

You know what, mediation is all good, but I think we should put aside 10 minutes or so in a day to just daydream. Let your head create a little perfect place for itself. Sometimes, we don't always get our ideal situations in life, but we can pretend we do in our minds for a little while. I think it also helps encourage you to know what you want and gives you the energy to help find it in real life.

Anyway, those are a few ideas I had. They're not really, take a bubble bath or wrap up in a bunch of blankets and do some yoga... they're just some little thoughts I had. What do you do on self-care days? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to drop me a comment.