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Blogging & Self-Help: Is blogging a lonely career?

I was just sitting on my bed, starring at the wall, having this conversation:

Me: I should probably go outside but I can't think of a reason to go outside.
Also Me: No, you should really go outside, I'm going to Google reasons to go outside.
Me: Okay, but I think I want some company.
Also Me: Hey, it's okay, I'll come with you. 

At this point, I suddenly stopped and snapped back into focus & started laughing at how crazy I was sounding. I was literally talking to myself, in my head, like I was talking to another person. Yep, you know you've reached an interesting point in your life when that happens. 

One day, someone's probably going to find me in some room, on my own, having lost my mind by spending wayyyyy too much time in my own company. My parents keep on telling me that I'm on the road to becoming a recluse.

In a weird kind of way, a lot of people that become bloggers tend to be introverts or get anxious in social situations, but blogging can be a very lone wolf kind of job that tends to accentuate that. The more time you spend in a room typing at your computer, the more distant from the outside world you feel. The harder you find it to engage with outside activities.

What to do then?

Make blogging more social? 
Find other bloggers to meet-up with, work on things together. I'm so grateful for my YouTube channel. Having a sketch show that requires working with other actors means I actually get some kind of semi-regular social interaction. If I was just doing hauls etc that didn't require anyone else, I think I would have completely lost my mind. 

Invent an imaginary friend...

I kinda ran out of ideas after, 'make blogging more social'. That one pretty much sums up that solution. Alternatively, you could leave your house and start to desperately talk to strangers. Buy one of those life size cardboard cutouts? You could also adopt a pet... there are lots of loving animals that need homes. You could even adopt a Rosa, you can contact me on.... 

Here we go, I regained brain function:

Attend events
One of the great ways to interact with and meet other bloggers is through events. Especially if you live in or near to a main city. Make sure you let people know where you are so you can be sent invitations. Yeah, okay, so it does sound daunting going to an event on your own but everyone is in the same boat and feeling the same way.

Outdoor photoshoots & work with photographers
Here's a great reason to go outside. You need pictures to go along with your words, plus, it's nice to have different backgrounds to change things up a bit. Go and explore, it can be lots of fun. You could even make a bit of a Vlog out of your adventure.

Don't make it your only job
Like with all creative self-employed jobs, sometimes it works best if you're doing it alongside other things to give your mind a rest. You could do anything, sell artwork, make videos, dance, design clothing. There are so many possibilities that work well with blogging.

Let's go shopping