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Fashion & style tips: ways to wear snake print

Yeah, so snake print seems to be the latest thing taking over our Instagram feeds. This is one of the few trends I've jumped on board with. I already had a few snake print pieces from a few years back. It wasn't something that I was overly crazy about but then I tried wearing a few pieces and just really loved the way they look. Anyway, here's a few of my styling tips, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Rosa Fairfield & Linda Smith

The top or the skirt
This is the "normal way" people tend to wear this trend. They either have a top against a plain bottom or a skirt against a neutral top. It creates a stylish but sophisticated effect. I particularly like the shirts (like this one) because you can also wear them open over a tee. It's a fun piece to layer with as it adds some fun to a simple outfit.

The accessory
Another great way to add a little bit of funk to your look. Hey, you don't want to be a full on snake but you want to wrap one around your mid-riff and call it a belt. I find scarves are always a pretty good accessory to invest in because you can do so much with one. Use it as a belt, put it in your hair, wrap it around your neck and so on.

Mixing animal prints
There are so many animal prints going around at the moment and it's fun to mix them if you want to make sure of a statement. They tend not to look completely crazy together because most animal prints have similar colour tones. If you're mixing, it's probably best to go with the same print, in a slightly different colour or tone... or different prints in similar colours. Although, have a play around with it, sometimes things work when you don't expect them too.

The boho look
I came across this online, a snake print dress styled in a boho way. It's something I wouldn't have thought of doing off the top of my head but I think it really works and it's a little bit different. Add a pair of cowboy boots or a funky western belt and hat.

Wear it with denim
I think it especially works well with a light stone wash as its a nice colour combination. I saw this online with someone wearing a denim jacket, white top and snake print pants. The white really helps to break-up the colour scheme. It's also a great way to casual down this trend. Like, I'm a cool indie girl that likes to eat donuts in coffee shops. I have style but I'm also laid back... ;)

Thanks for reading, how do you wear snake print? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

* Top gifted from SheIn