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Fashion & style tips: the teddy bear coat trend

I think I've finally found the perfect coat for me and my all time favourite trend... A.K.A the teddy bear jacket. So, yep, this is why you should get on board with it too because it's bear-illiant. I can bear-ly believe how much I love this trend. It's a bear-eavement not to get one of these... okay, I'll stop now, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Why should you get on board with it?
Well, hello, it's practically like wearing a dressing gown outside and if that isn't goals then I don't know what is. Plus, I mean this is a very thin jacket... and I was so surprised by how warm it actually is. So, you know, if you feel the cold on a level which feels like someone put you in the freezer like I do. Then it's a good option for you.

How to style it?

The 50s glam look 
If you have a long teddy coat like this one, it works well with glam 50s vibes. Put on a long dress, some red lipstick and heels. You can even go full out with some fancy gloves. If you don't want to look super 'vintage' - you can make it look a little bit more alternate with a boho style dress and some funky shoes. 

Stereotypical French girl 
You know? The whole stripy tee, skinny jeans and boots look. Finish it off with messy hair. Again, I'd say this look would work best with a longer coat. It's great for casual day wear too. I could just imagine someone strolling around the city, in winter, wearing sunglasses rocking it. Then they get captured looking completely effortless by a street photographer. 

All the nudes
You can try the look out with a selection of monotone nude colours. Nope, I'm not telling you to go completely in the nude. Although, if you're feeling brave, you could wear nothing underneath the coat... some people do that with a blazer... okay. Anyway, back on topic, the nude (colour) theme has a kind of 70s vibe to it so that gives you something to work with (I think).

Over a silky slip 
Let's go back to the pyjama thing we were talking about before... because I'm writing this from my bed... I also may not have changed out of my pyjamas in the last week. Anyway, you can create a super chic effect by wearing one of these over a (proper) slip dress or just a silky nightie. Then it really will feel like you're walking around in your sleep wear.

Teddy bear hoodie 
If you wanted to try something a bit different you could wear the teddy bear hoodie with some super baggy jeans to create more of a slouchy and somewhat masculine effect. I can imagine someone super cool rocking this whilst holding a cup of coffee and just walking down the street. 

Anyway, I hope you got some kinda enjoyment out of this post or the pictures. Also, I'm serious about you getting one of these, they're bear-y amazing.

Item gifted by SheIn