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Self-Help: How to survive Christmas

That title sounds a bit glum doesn't it... 'survive' not 'enjoy', I don't know I'm feeling a little bit like the Grinch at the moment, whaha. I say that but I'm much more the type of person to lock myself in a room and brood quietly, stealing presents from children and stuff would be heartbreaking (is that what the Grinch does? I can't really remember). Anyway, here's my guide to surviving Christmas, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

There's a reason why bears do it, maybe this is just the next evolutionary step for humans. We could just skip the winter completely and we'd be nicely well-rested. Until that happens, you could go about a self-imposed isolation, go to a remote part of the world or live in a forest. If you're not feeling that adventurous, stay in, wrap yourself in warm blankets and have a Harry Potter movie marathon ( I just spent 10 minutes trying to work out how you spell that).

Work through the holidays  
Being a blogger, I tend to do this anyway, social media waits for no one so you feel like you have to go on it all the time. That can be a good thing though if you need a bit of a distraction over the holiday period and it keeps you engaged... instead of getting stuck in a bottomless pit of doing nothing. You know the black void of life... whaha (that's the evil black void coming to get you).

Be understanding
A lot of people tend to get really into the whole sharing the love 'I'm so grateful for amazing friends and family' thing. Which, is great, sharing the love and being grateful is important, but everyone's circumatacnes aren't the same. I think we all need to be mindful of that, whatever our own circumstances might be. Then again, I'm not telling anyone that they should stop having fun because other people might not be.

Don't get your heart set on the perfect Christmas
This post seems very doom and gloom, I honestly didn't mean it like that, I promise I'm a positive person. I just think, or know from experience, when you're planning any event it an be so easily to falling into a trap of wanting everything to be perfect. Yeah, things rarely turn out that way. I find it's better to go with the flow. Even if it isn't 'Instagram picture perfect' you might end up having an even better time.

Do Christmas your own way
This kind of follows on from the last two points, but enjoy whatever version of Christmas is best for you. This might be a big family gathering... a small group of friends or sitting alone in your room drinking wine (I just want to point out that I'm not promoting drinking or telling anyone to get drunk). My point is, if the traditional Christmas isn't for you, then that's okay too.

There we go, go forth child and spread your Christmas wings... or you know, something equally cheesy because what's Christmas without a little cheese. Also, I don't like cheese. The food cheese. Yeah, I'm weird. Most people like cheese.