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Self-Help: How to cheer yourself up over Christmas

Okay, so the last post I made was a bit on the miserable side. I thought I'd make this post super happy to cheer you up. This one's all about some little suggestions of things you can do to cheer yourself up over the holiday season. I'd just like to add in here that I'm not miserable, I'm actually currently dancing around my room, (or a room) ... I don't have my own room, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith 


Pictures of small furry animals wearing Christmas hats
Type into Pinterest 'dogs wearing Christmas outfits' - you won't be disappointed I promise. In seconds you will be 'awwww-ing' over the cuteness of it all. Okay, so this is all dependent on if you like small fluffy animals. If you don't... I don't know, look at pictures of vegetables wearing Christmas hats. 

Read happy Christmas FanFiction
I feel like my answer to everything is read FanFiction. There are some really cute Christmas ones out there though. They end up giving you this happy warm feeling... like aw, look how cute this couple or group of friends are. They love each other so much, that makes me so happy.

People watch 
Leading on from that last one, it's also super fun to people watch. I love it when you walk down the street and you see elderly couples holding hands. It's just super cute. I was also just randomly observing this couple the other day, they were pretending to kiss each other and then they actually kissed. It was just so cute and goofy. I'd also like to add to this one, that I'm not a super creepy person that goes around stalking couples... or I guess that's what a super creepy person would say?

Cuddles are just the best... that's if you like cuddles because some people don't like to be touched. I love cuddles, cuddle me (I'm joking... unless you do want to cuddle me :P) Anyway, if you don't have a cuddle buddy but want a cuddle... you can always buy a large stuffed bear or use a pillow.

It's fun to daydream sometimes... go to your happy place and let your mind have a little fun. If you want to make that into something more productive, you can write your thoughts down and turn it into a story. You don't know, maybe you could be the next J.K Rowling.

Make Christmas cards & give them to homeless people
I was just thinking about this, but you could buy some mince pies and make some cards and go and take them to any local homeless people... or something similar. I always think that if you're feeling down and you feel like you can't currently make yourself happy... then try and put a smile on someone else's face.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts. It's also okay to be sad, you don't always need to try to cheer yourself up - all emotions are valid. I thought I'd just add the little bit in there.