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Lifestyle: FYY cell phone case wishlist

Looking to jazz up... and also protect ;) ... your device? Then FYY have got you covered. They specialize in phone, laptop and tablet cases and well as a range of different home accessories. You can listen to me babble about which items I like best (if that's your cup of tea), by Rosa Fairfield.


The gold one
I really love the color, it's kind of like a shiny rose-copper. It's great how convenient these cases are. They double as a mini wallet so you don't need to mess around getting different things out of your bag every 5 seconds. It's also good if you're on a night out (not that I really do those anymore) but if you do, it means you can easily fit everything into a small clutch.

The sparkly pink one
I adore this laptop bag. It's so pretty and glittery. Literally, whenever I see anything glittery, I'm like a magpie. My eyes light up and I don't want to let go of the pretty glittery thing. It's my birthday coming up, if anyone wants to buy me a present... just saying. 

The gold glitter one 
Again, glitter, glitter... GLITTER! I am the glitter monster, nice to meet you. On a serious note - not that glitter isn't serious - these cases also come in a simple black design. I thought I'd point that out for anyone who isn't as 'quirky' as I am. 

The one with the bow
This one is very cute-sy. It also kind of looks like a purse if you squint through one eye. That way, if someone is trying to steal your phone... they might not be able to tell what's your phone. Okay, so then they might just take your whole bag instead. I'm going to stop talking now. 

The pink marble effect one
I don't have an iPad or a tablet of any kind. If I did own one, I'd so be getting this case. I've had a thing for marble, ever since I started out on Instagram. There's just so much marble lust on IG. I also love the rose-gold color contrast. It also stands up so you can read on it. 

The one that's actually a picnic bag
When it's summer, you can go on cute picnic dates. I went through a whole picnic faze in uni, I'd have picnics in the park with my two friends. This looks really cool inside, you can get lots of things into a small condensed space, so you're not carrying anything around too bulky. That's also nifty because it means the food is less likely to get damaged. 

The business card holder one
That reminds me that I actually need to get some business cards. Everyone's always asking me the details of my blog & YouTube and I never have a business card to give them. It's also kind of nifty to have a business card holder so they don't get damaged. This one just looks so cute and twee too.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the site for cool cell phone covers, it's worth it, I promise. Which one is your favorite?