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Lifestyle & Fashion: News Year's Eve activity ideas

Okay, so now Christmas is over... it's time to get excited about New Year's Eve. NYE is actually my favorite holiday. It kind of has the reputation for people getting drunk and clubbing but it doesn't have to be just about that. If you're not a party animal and are looking for some alternative suggestions... then here are a few ideas, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Gabi Morris

Go to a nice hotel
A friend was telling me she was thinking about doing this. Book a night in a nice hotel with a view, then you can sip champagne and relax. This one sounds a bit like a 'couples' thing to do but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, it's really nice to get away from everything and stop in a hotel by yourself. It's a great chance for some peace and quiet.

Host a costume party
This is what I do every New Year. It's kind of a tradition in my family (although, I'm the only person who is dressing up this year). Plus, house parties don't just have to be the university kind, where you get super drunk and make out with people. You can play cute games, tell each other ghost stories... simple things like that. 

Movie night
This one's especially nice if you want to spend New Year's Eve with a bunch of friends. You could all get comfy in your PJs and binge watch your favorite films. Everyone can pick a film each that they like or you could run through your favorite series. I used to do this a lot with my house mate, we'd binge watch SATC all the time... and there's the cute NYE scene in the movie. 

Date night 
Again, this doesn't have to be a couples thing. It might sound a bit sad, but sometimes I love to take myself out on date nights. I wear something nice and I go and treat myself to an evening of things that I enjoy. It's a great way to relax, plus, there really is no shame in sitting in a restaurant by yourself. I think we all need to banish that kind of stigma.

Go to the ball
Okay, so this one is a little bit of a fantasy of mine... but one year I'd love to wear a really fancy ball gown, waltz around a room and pretend that I'm a princess. I've kind of been reading up on this and apparently some cities do house these kind of events. Maybe one day haha. 

Thank-you so much for reading. There's also the traditional option of going to watch the fireworks in one of the main cities. It does get super crowded but I do feel like it's one of those bucket list experiences. 

Away, thanks again. What are your NYE plans? Leave a comment bellow and if you have anymore suggestions I'd love to hear them.


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