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Style & Self-Help: How Girls can Support Girls

Everyone always seems to be promoting having a supportive attitude, but what does this really mean and how can you put it into action? Here are some tips and tricks, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

First of all, I'd like to state that I believe people should support people, regardless of gender. Also, this outfit is from Zaful, which I love, head over to the website using this link:  Also, don't forget to check out there summer clothing whilst there: I've been seeing a lot of words in the online community about how we should all support others. This got me thinking about what that actually means and different ways we can put it into action. This is what I came up with:

Have an open mind
This is one of the most important things. I think it's easy to become judgemental when someone tells you their great schemes and plans. If these are big massive out-of-the-blue dreams, you can think they're impossible for that person to achieve. However, I always like to believe that anything is possible for anyone to do. I think that's a healthy mentality to have and thinking like that helps you to be more accepting of others.

Offer advice instead of negativity
One thing I really hate is the dislike button on YouTube. It allows people to hide behind anonymity and it's not all that constructive. It's okay if you don't like something but it's more helpful if you articulate why and what the person could do differently. It might actually be really useful to that person and help their work to improve. On the other hand, creative work is always subjective so it might just be a clash of ideals but at least that person then has an option to take it on board or disregard it.

Read autobiographies and listen to podcasts
When you see someone has a life that you desire it can lead to jealously. That's good in small doses, it's all part of the human emotional spectrum. If you find yourself caught up in it though, a great way to train your mind is to read or listen to people you admire talking about their lives. You quickly learn that they had a hard time getting where they did and it helps you put things into prospective and it teaches you to find inspiration in their journey, rather than be jealous of what you don't have.

Be confident in what you have to offer
Someone told me once that they research people they perceive as their competition, find their weaknesses and then try to be everything they're not. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that's a really unhealthy thought process. I think you have to find all the things that make you wonderfully unique and appreciate what is wonderfully unique in others too. Also, you have to accept that every opportunity out there isn't for you, some are meant for other people and you have to have faith that the universe will bring good things your way.

You don't have to be the best
Someone who was giving a careers talk to me once said that you have to believe you are the very best actor out there to succeed in this industry. That didn't really sit very well with me. I don't really like the concept of 'best' and 'worst'. We all have different qualities that make us right for different things and I think everyone and everything has worth and we should really look for and appreciate that. If you do really want to be 'the best' then try to be your best self, instead of comparing yourself to others.

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