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Styling Tips: How to Get Out of a Style Rut

Standing in front of your closet looking confused? No idea what to wear? How do people even get dressed anyway? Well, this post is for you, as I share with you some tips to get out of a styling rut, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

1. Just put on anything... really
When it comes to dressing, I think the worst thing a person can do is overthink it. That's probably why you're in a style rut anyway. Most of the time, I just pick out anything from my closet and put it together. That's how I have created some of my best outfits. This translates to: trust your instincts. We all have a subconscious sense of personal style and gravitate towards certain things. Trust that instinct. 

2. Don't be scared to be a little crazy
Life is more fun when you stop worrying about what people think of you and be a little crazy. Put on that fun heart print sweater or wear an outfit that is completely lime green. But, I can't pull that off. Yes, you can. It's all about having the confidence to hold your head up high. Anyway, snaking things up might be just what you need.

3. The art of print mixing
I tend to mix a lot of prints together. When it comes down to it though, I don't really think about it. Does it really matter if those two prints clash? Does it really matter if those two colours work together? In the long run, I'd say chill out, try new things and if they fail... oh, well... at least you tried.

4. Your body is a canvas 
I like to think that putting on different outfits is a kinda art form. It's an express of a person's soul, in a creative way, that everyone you encounter can see. Therefore, I think it's good to look at dressing with an artistic eye. Create something that says something or that tells a story. You can even look to certain artists for inspiration. Like, Andy Warhol or Kandinsky to inspire some of your outfits. 

5. Experiment with layers and texture
This is something that I need to do more of... but you don't have to wear an item of clothing as it is. You can wear a shirt in a number of different ways. Wear it off one shoulder... or even wear it back to front (yes, I'm being serious). Layers are also great, wearing a dress over trousers or with a plain tee underneath makes it look a bit more interesting. Also, try mixing up different textures, that works great with a monochrome look. 

- If dressing is an expression of your soul, then it might also be useful to ask yourself if there is something else wrong. You might be feeling down or experiencing a lack of self-confidence and need to focus on working on that.

And, you know what? If you really are in a bit of a style rut. Then just type into Google, 'how to style outfits' or 'styling tips' and a more helpful article might come up. Really, Google is the answer to everything. Failing that, just wear your pyjamas outdoors.



  1. Firstly, I LOVE the OOTD you were wearing in all of your outfit photos above!!! Your heart print red blouse is very pretty and that mini-skirt is gorgeous!!! You extremely attractive in all of your outfit photos, and I love your facial expressions.
    I love all of your suggestions and hope I can manage to implement them...
    By the numbers:
    1) Since I'm a recluse, the put on anything idea is a piece of cake.. unless I want to leave the house. Then I really need this advice a lot;
    2) I'm already crazy, but I like the suggestion of letting it show a little;
    3) Ooh.. that's a hard one.. but i like the idea of just trying;
    4) Yikes! The first two artists that came to mind when I thought of being inspired by artists in my outfits were the later-in-life symmetrical byzantine paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and the paint-splatter paintings of Jackson Pollack, or my look after attempting to paint a couple of rooms while wearing clothes from the Woodstock era;
    5) Layers: It would be just like me to be a chicken and wear a dress under overalls instead of outside of them.
    Seriously though, I LOVE your outfit styling ideas...
    and I'm still swooning when I look at your outfit photos <3

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love how well it goes together with your pastel background x


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