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Life & Style: What is a Soulmate?

A million tiny sparkles of light floating around in the sky, each waiting to enter a new body when the time is right. It's a pretty picture. Take away our body and mind and at our very core we are a ball of energy, a force. Is there a perfect other that bonds with our light and turns it into a flaming beacon? 

Words and pics by me, Rosa Fairfield

What I believe:
I believe in soulmates but I believe you can have more than one of them and that they don't have to be romantic. I think a soulmate is a person that comes into your life and open's your mind to a new way of thinking, which leads to great change. That person doesn't have to be there for your lifetime, they could even be just an acquaintance.

Romantic soulmates?
I have a hard time wrapping my head around the rom-com notion of 'the one'. Take the classic guy and girl kinda love. There are way more women than men in the world and this by no means mathematically equals out if you take out anyone that doesn't experience that kind of attraction. Then what about people that don't experience romantic attraction, does this theory mean that those people don't have a special someone? It's funny, because in a way I'm a very romantic person, I just think putting that much emphasis on finding the perfect someone will make you miss out on a great relationship. But, if you want to believe in romantic soulmates, good for you, that's awesome, I'm not judging you in any way.

Healing soulmates
This is my favourite theory, that two people come together when each of them is hurt in someway and both people learn from the other and it heals their soul. Although it's a beautiful notion, it's also a sad one because those two people can only be in each others lives as long as they are on the same path. Once each person learns their lesson, they have served their purpose and there's nothing left to keep them together. It's bitter sweet and the relationships are often intense, difficult platonic ones

Past lives 
I believe in reincarnation, it's the only afterlife theory that seems to make any sense to me. There's the idea that each time a soul is reborn to a new body, it is reborn with the same collection of souls. In each lifetime, a soul has a different connection to you. It's certainly comforting to think the people you love will always be there for you, even when you lose them in this life.

Your perfect opposite
There's the whole debate over if your soulmate would be a person that is your almost identical or if they were your perfect opposite. I take perfect opposite to mean similar at the core and with the same values but with opposite ideals... so you're the same but different.

So those are some of my thoughts on some various theories. How about you, what are your views?