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Life & Style: 5 Fangirl Problems

I confess to being a super-crazy-out-of-my-mid-fangirl, here are some of my daily life heartaches that you'll be able to relate to if you share my fangirl-ness, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

I confess to being a super crazy fangirl. I'm very obsessed with The X Files, QUAT, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games... TBH, I pretty much fangirl every TV show, film and book that I come into contact with. Anyway, these are things you can probably relate to, if you are also a fangirl.

The shipping - the desperate shipping
When I get very involved with a film franchise or a TV show and two characters seem like they have great chemistry, I literally loose my head. Sometimes, I want the characters to be together so badly, I skip to the end, if everything has already been released, just to check if they do get together and if they don't, I stop watching.

The worst part is when I start to ship actors... because I'm an actor myself and I really should know better...

Tumblr searches
I feel like I spend most of my time secretly searching my fandoms on tumblr (I don't want to do it publicly because of the whole actor thing, if I end up working with these people one day, they'd probably think I was super weird). Still, I get up each morning and search my favourite ships to see if there are any new updates.

Falling in love with fictional characters & wanting to be them
This is a weird one. I want to be someone and want them to date me but still want them to be with the character I ship them with all at the same time. It's kinda crazy. Falling in love with fictional characters is the hardest though because they're not even real so you don't stand a chance.

All the YouTube montages, all the time
I spend an alarming amount of the little free time I have, on YouTube, watching cute but depressing fan videos people have made of their favourite TV and movie couples. I'm addicted to them, sometimes I cry over them and sometimes they make me jump around with happiness.

Friends that just don't get it
The most annoying part! When all you want to do is talk about your favourite fandom but none of your friends have seen it or they are just not as emotionally involved as you. You have so much to say and discuss but no one will listen so you turn to the internet.

Getting disappointed with real life 
Maybe this one is just me. I watch a lot of super sad and epically romantic stuff and then I get annoyed with real life for not comparing with it. Then I want to jump inside a TV, laptop or movie screen and physically live in a world of fiction. Then again, that's the brilliant thing about acting and film-making, it somewhat allows you to do that.

Thanks for reading, are you a fangirl too... can you relate to this? I'd love to hear from you in the comment section bellow... just so I know that I'm not crazy.