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Life Hacks: How To Deal with a Quarter Life Crisis

Do you have sweaty palms because everyone else is getting engaged and moving up the career ladder, whilst you've got the handbrake on? That's called a quarter life crisis and this is how you can beat it, by Rosa Fairfield.

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It's my birthday... and I'm excited... but, I admit it, lately I've been experiencing a mid-life crisis (I say mid-life because I think I can just about manage another 20-something years, instead of 40-something). It feels like everyone I know is in a serious relationship, with a stable job... thinking about getting a mortgage etc. On the other had, I'm still trying to work out how to walk down the street without tripping over. Meh... I got over it... and here's how you can too:

Analyse the situation
Stop and really think about it for a second. Is your life really that bad? Everyone works at different paces. Yep, sure that friend is getting married soon. You know what? They might be divorced within a few years.

Stop comparing 
I swear, comparing yourself to someone else is the easiest trap to fall into. Come on though, you never really know what's going on in some else's life unless you're living it. That person could be super jealous of your life too.

You will be deleted
Is it just me... or is one of the worst things seeing tweets from a ex in your twitter feed about how fantastic their new partner is. Sure, I'm glad you're happy but do I really need to constantly know how great your romantic life is compared to mine? The same goes for acquaintances at university and their great new shinny careers, when you're waiting tables. Just delete them, it's not worth the mental agony.

Set yourself some goals
Your life isn't what you want it to be? Then do something about it. Be honest with yourself and understand what you really want. Then you actually have to go out and get it. Right now. Find a way. Stop putting things off. You know... saying, 'I'd like to do this in the future.' Do it right now, anything is possible.

Get to know someone
It's always great to have that one friend that is going through the same experience as you so you can share the journey. It makes it all so much better, trust me. It builds self-esteem and makes you realise that you're not doing so badly if someone else is on the same path as you.

Things can unravel so quickly
It just takes one moment. One moment can completely turn things around for you (for the better). You have no control over that. All you can do is keep going and get on with you're life but that one moment is out there and it will jump up on you when you aren't looking.

Stop thinking
The complete opposite of the first one. Just stop thinking, You can't be having any kind of crisis if you just tell your mind to shut the hell up and then get on with some task or another. It's easier than you think, pretend you are a strict parent and give yourself and good telling off.

I must admit, the main reason I'm writing this is as a reminder to myself to get a grip if I feel myself going down that crisis path again. Have you experienced a quarter life crisis or is it just me?

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