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Blogging & Style: Do Influencers have a Responsibility to be good Role Models?

If influencers... well, influence people, do they have a responsibility to be good role models and what makes one of those? Words by Rosa F

Photographs by Rosa F too! (I used self-timer)

A few months back, whilst shopping:
"Should I buy these earrings?" my friend asked.
"It's up to you," I replied.
"That YouTuber I really like said she liked the earrings," my friend added.
"Yeah... but do you like the earrings." 
[Insert stumbling to find an answer.]

I've never really stopped to think about the effect of bloggers, influencers, social media people (whatever you want to call yourselves) before. 

The whole 'personal style influencer' phenomena (fancy word) doesn't work like that on me but I do have that same response to some female actors. I'll worship them... end up watching everything they've done...listen to every interview they give... watch Youtube montages of them etc etc... so ya know, I do get it. 

That's a lot of power to have over someone though, and do those people have a responsibility to be good role models?

What is a good role model?
The old classic: you can't be all things to all people. What one person admires, another person can hate and not everyone respects the same qualities. If you try to be a 'good role model' it doesn't really work because you get tangled in a web of saying and doing things just to please people but please no one (that's a Hannah Montana episode). 

Two player game
In any relationship there is more than one person. It's that stereotypical mother line: So if [insert name here] jumps off a bridge would you? If you're fan-personing someone, it's your responsibility to know that you shouldn't take everything they say and do as gospal and understand you don't need to be exactly the same as the person you adore.

Behind the vail
I've seen a bunch of pictures on Instagram of people in the snow with hardly any clothing on. I mean obviously they have people standing by with a coat ready to wrap around them. But, does everyone know that? Is it encouraging people to go out, in the snow, without a coat and make themselves sick? If one instagrammer does that will it catch on to all the others? I've got ill from exposure, whilst filming in winter without a coat before.

Being scared to post anything
On the other hand, we now have a culture of people calling others out everytime they do something that could be considered slightly wrong. Is this taking away free will by making people think that if their view isn't the wildly accepted one that they shouldn't express it? I feel like I'm constantly going around saying, "nope, can't take a picture of that because this person will be annoyed."

People aren't just numbers
I never registered that my followers were real people. I was just trying to achieve the next goal and presumed my followers were there because they wanted me to follow them back (boy, do I sound cynical). 

The other day, I got a private heart-felt message from a 'regular person' about something I'd wrote. I didn't respond (I know, I completely suck). Part of me questioned if it was genuine. I couldn't believe that I'd effected someone in such a way... because I'm just some weird goofy girl that has absolutely no idea what she's doing. I'm not successful... or famous... or brilliant or anything like that. 

Does it matter if it's one person or five million?
It shouldn't matter. It shouldn't matter if there is one person that looks up to you or five million (in real life or online) you should still try your best to be a positive influence and that shouldn't mean trying to be perfect.

THE END. Any thoughts?