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Personal Style: 5 of the Most Inspirational Pieces of Advice I've been given

Sometimes when you're feeling down you need a good heart-to-heart to pick yourself back up again. Here are the best five pieces of advice I've been given, I hope they inspire you too, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

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Has someone ever said something to you that has really inspired you and helped you to become a better person? I've had several of those life-changing moments, although they seem small, they have impacted my life in a huge way:

I'm young and life is a learning process, I don't have to be perfect right away
My tutor said this to me when I was studying my undergraduate degree. I was panicking because I didn't have perfect grades and he made me see things in perspective. That no one is amazing at their career when they just start out, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be at the top of your game and just because you're not brilliant at something right away it doesn't mean that you never will be.

To embrace my quirks and use them to my advantage
This is something another tutor from my undergradate degree taught me. Everyone was constantly calling me quirky and it made me really upset because I didn't like being different... but he was always telling me that it was a good thing and I should use it to my advantage because it's our differences that make us unique and give us the potential to achieve great things.

To not care what people think and to be funny and silly and unafraid
This was never something that was ever put into words. Five years ago, I had no self-esteem and I could barely talk to people because of years of bullying. One very confident girl taught me that it's good to be a little silly and not care about what people think... and suddenly I was singing in the middle of shops, dancing around in the street and saying things I would have never said before and that gave me confidence and made me the person I am today.

To be open and understanding
This is another one of those things that was never put into words... but when I was in America, I got talking to the most open, kind and caring person I'd ever met... and she made me realise that even though I have strong views of my own that I should be open to and try to understand other people's ways of thinking too. That made me a more compassionate person.

That I can't judge my self-worth on one aspect of my life
The stage manager for a show I was working on was driving me back from rehearsal one night. I was panicking about trying to get everything right for the show. She told me that I can't just judge my self-worth on my job because that's just one aspect of my life and that there are other things that are important. She said she would go mad if she did that. It helped me to relax, that although my career is important to me, that living a rounded life is also.


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