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Fashion: Bandage Dress Wish List


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Let's talk about bandage dresses. I love them if they are styled correctly and they can work wonders for showing off your figure to its best. The key is to make them look glamorous and not tacky. I think the best way to achieve this is with minimal accessories, a nice pair of heels, natural make-up and smooth styled hair.

Number 1: It's a little bit extra and I love it... mainly because I'm obsessed with glitter and sparkle. The colour and style make it perfect for a festive party. I can really imagine myself wearing this, I would just need to find myself a party to attend...

Number 2: I think the style of these is really interesting, the buttons give them a sailor or blazer vibe. The pink looks cute and the black looks sophisticated. These would work well as daytime workwear pieces, styled with a pair of tights and a blazer.

Number 3: This one is very sophisticated and I can image it being worn at a cocktail party. I love the neck and the ruffled detail, which add a feminine touch and some interest to the basic shape. This one is quite long so it would be great for taller girls.

Number 4: This isn't something I would normally wear because it's a little bit revealing but I love the lace-up corset front. I really like it in white because it makes it a little bit more pretty and girly. I think this would look super cute with a suede mini skirt and a pair of boots for a daytime Autumn look.

Number 5: Again, something I wouldn't normally wear but I'm totally in love with it. It's so chic and stylish and I'm loving the structured minimal vibe. I can image it with a pair of stilettos and straight wet-look hair.

Number 6: I picked this one out because it's a little bit different from the average bandage dress. It's girly, feminine and slightly looser in the fit. I think this is a great choice if you are trying this style out for the first time and not 100% confident with it. It's also a great daytime piece.

Which one would I buy?
I would 100% pick the red sparkly one. It's a little bit out there and it's certainly not everyone's cup of tee but I love the fact that's it's so fun. I love to wear clothes that stand-out and are a little bit different. It's pretty much my lifetime goal to wear as many crazy outfits as possible. 

My second choice would be number 5, it caught my eye as soon as I saw it and I can picture in my head exactly how I would style it and could imagine myself wearing it to some cool party, if I'm ever invited to one, haha.

Thanks so much for reading, which item on this list is your favourite? Please comment bellow, I always love to hear your thoughts.

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