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Transitional Summer/Fall Fashion Wishlist From Gamiss


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The denim dress
I'm loving denim at the moment. I've never actually owned a denim dress so I kinda want to give one a go. I'm liking how this one is simple with the wrap style. It looks a little bit like a slip dress in shape so is great for showing off your figure and is short, which is great if you are petite.

The skirt
I love the skater shape of this skirt. It's great if you have a small waist and large hips. The elasticated waist is always a good choice if you're shopping online because you don't have to worry about it fitting exactly. I also love the cute button down effect, which gives a cute sailor vibe. Although my mind is still firmly in summer, this skirt is great for the Autumn too, to wear over a pair of tights or leggings.

The shorts  
These are definitely my cup of tea. I love high waisted shorts that have a stretchy waist. These also look like they will be loose around the legs, which is great if it's warm outside because you don't want to feel sticky and uncomfortable. I also like the way that these are a different take on the classic denim shorts.

The pom pom earrings
I love pom poms. I've seen a lot of the single pom pom earrings but i've never seen multiple dangly ones like these before. I think they make a great statement and have a nice quirky touch to them. I also like the gold chain colour with the black - which is a great combo.

The crop top
If there is a Wishlist written by me, there is usually a crop top on it because I love them. I like the off-the-shoulder effect with this one and the bright red colour. I think this colour makes it great for Autumn, you could wear a jacket over the top, if it's not too cold. I also like the gypsy style.

The cactus bag
I need this so, so badly!!!!! I love everything cactus related, I've been collecting cacti prints for a few years now. I also love the flowers on this bag... it's just so cute and I'm crazy about it. I also have a thing for novelty shaped bags, ever since I discovered Kate Spade.

If I had to pick one item...

I think we all clearly know which one I would pick (well, if you read my write up) ... the cactus bag of course. I love it so, so much. My second pick would probably be the earrings. I'm loving statement earrings at the moment and I think a girl can never have too many of them. They are also a great choice if you want to jazz up your closet without spending too much money... or if you want to try and push yourself outside your comfort zone, if you have more of a classic conservative style, without stepping over-board.

Thanks for reading. Which item is your favourite? Please leave a comment bellow, I would love to hear your thoughts.