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Personal Style: 4 Must-Haves from the Tassel Trend

Here at Oh! Ducky Darling we are going cuckoo over the tassel trend, you can too, with my 4 must-haves, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

Tassels and pompoms have been around for a while now but they seem to be getting more creative and colour... I love it! Here are my 4 must-haves from this Turkish inspired trend:


Basket bags are big this year and great for creating a summery vibe. I love the tote style ones, decorated with tassels and pompoms. I love my bag (in the pictures above) because of all the bright colours. It's strong and great to use as a beach bag.


I've been wanting a pair of pompom and gladiator sandals for a while now, so I thought... why not combine the two. They are easy to get on and off and feel comfortable to walk in. You have to make sure you tie the front in the right why though, or they will fall down.


Nothing says summer like a tassel dress. I picked this one for the lovely burnt orange colour. It would be great to put on over a bikini because it's light and loose fitting. I got the dress soaking wet jumping around in the water fountain, having a splash fight with a friend, but it dried out in now time.


I'm a big fan of Mad Maven Style and am forever lusting after her funky earrings. I own a couple of pairs myself now. I love how quirky and fun they are. They really make a statement.

I found all these items using this site. They show the best sale offers from over 700 retailers. I'm a sucker for a sale and it's great because you can find and compare different items all in one place. They have a great mixture too from designer labels to high street brands.