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Summer Style Outfit & My Summer Travel Bucket List

Do you dream of faraway tropical locations? Me too... here is a list of my dream holiday spots to put you in a vacation mood, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

I've been lucky enough to travel to so many amazing places, I've been abroad at least once a year since I've been eleven and this year has been no exception, as I've been to four different locations. There are still lots of places I want to visit though. Here are a few of my dream vacation spots:


This is somewhere I've wanted to visit since watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I also visited a museum in Paris about the Tiki culture, which was really interesting. I've never seen a tropical rainforest so that's a must for me. The beaches also look amazing.

Venice Beach/California

I've always wanted to visit California and I keep on planning to but it is yet to happen. Hopefully, one day, I will take a road trip and drive all along the coast. This is also the place that I hope to live someday.

Bora Bora

This place 100% looks like paradise to me, with the clear turquoise water and the soft white sand. I think it would defiantly be one of those amazing once in a lifetime experiences.

Sea of Stars (Maldives)

I found out about this reading a list of the world's most unusual places on BuzzFeed and have wanted to go there ever since. It looks so magical and I love sparkly lights and beaches so this really is the perfect location for me to visit.

Harbour Island Pink Sand Beach

As a person that loves the colour pink, I feel it is my duty to go and visit a pink sand beach. I could see myself spending the whole time there giggling and pointing saying, "the sand is pink!" over and over again.