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Fashion: Tips for wearing vintage clothing

Tips for wearing vintage clothing 

"Do you love vintage clothing but don't want to look like you are in a period drama? Then check out my tips for adding a modern day twist to vintage look, by Rosa Fairfield"

Know your style

... or the outfit vibe you are going for, boho, rock chic, minimalistic? This is a great way to make the outfit your own. You don't have to wear it like it would have been worn at the time.

Modern hair and make-up

Modern day hair and make-up can transform an outfit from a period piece to something that you will look perfectly normal walking down the street wearing. (Well maybe not a 100% normal because that would be just boring.)

Mix it up with modern day clothes

If you have a vintage top, wear it with a pair of modern jeans or if you have a vintage dress wear it with some modern shoes. This can make the piece look less out of place.

Upscale and customise

Sometimes it's nice, to customise pieces. (To be honest, I don't 100% like this because I feel really bad about changing something that HAS lasted such a long time.)

Replica Dresses

I love a good replica dress, sometimes I find actual vintage clothing too delicate. I got a hole in a dress from the 1920s when I was in a show once. This dress isn't actually vintage it just has that vibe. I also love Vivien Holloway for vintage dresses.