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Travel: Indonesia and Jakarta

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Indonesia is an exciting place for a vacation. Here are some things to see and do, in the capital of Jakarta and further afield, by Rosa Fairfield

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands. It has volcanic peaks, lush jungle and an underwater world. This is said to be one of the world's best diving locations. 

So, I think you'll agree, it is a superb vacation hotspot. Jakarta, the capital, features some of the country's top museums, restaurants, public places and shopping malls. 

It is safe to say there is a lot to keep you entertained.

"In Jakarta, you can find all of Indonesia. It's not just that people pour in from all corners looking for a better life (as they've done for centuries), it's that they bring along their own cultures, beliefs and desires..." Ryan Ver Berkmoes for Lonely Planet

Things to do in Jakarta:

Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge 

A beautiful place, with an open air wooden deck terrace. It resembles a stylishly furnished tree house. Great to enjoy a meal or a drink, with lots of options on the menu. It serves everything from crab to veal.

It normally opens from 5pm until 12am. You can make online reservations. The dress code is smart casual.

Indonesia Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)

A trip around Indonesia in just one day. 

It has all of Indonesia's 27 provinces and islands in miniature. 

It also has a bird park, orchid garden, swimming pool and restaurant. This makes for a great day out.

Try a Durian

A type of fruit Jakarta is famous for. It is sold by stores throughout the city.

A fruit with a spiked outer layer, and a strong smell. The fruit is said to have a great taste, so it is well worth trying one.

Further a field

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

A beach where the sand looks pink... what could be better?  

There are just seven of these beaches on the planet, so it is something worth seeing. 

The island is also the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon.  A great place for snorkelling, with the coral filled waters. 


A famous Buddhist temple from the 8th/9th centuries. It is the world's largest, located on Java island, northwest of Yogyakarta. 

The temple is surrounded by a green valley and mountains.

Tanjung Putting National Park

A great place to see orangutans in their natural environment.

You can experience the wonders of the rainforest here. It is in Kalimantan, which can be reached by plane from Jakarta.

It also features many varieties of wild orchid, which mainly bloom from January to March.

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Thank-you for reading, have you ever visited Indonesia? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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