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For when your skin feels as dry as the desert

When a conversation - via Instagram - started between Desert Dermatologics and I, it became clear  we needed to collaborate. Being completely obsessed with the American desert, I loved the brand's concept of using organic, natural ingredients from the desert, to create moisturising products. 

Over the last week and a half, I have been using: Shea Butter Complex, Daytime Defense, Timeless Day & Night and Intensive Cuticle Repair. Read on to discover my findings.

My favourite product has to be Intensive Cuticle Repair. I obsess over the health of my nails and over the years have tried a number of hand & nail creams, but this has to be one of the best. 

It comes in the form of a thick balm and the instructions state you apply it to the nail and cutical, working best overnight. With the first application, I instantly noticed and felt a difference. My cuticles and nails felt and looked so much smoother. I started to apply it both morning and night. I observed a gradual improvement in the health of my nails. Often, when using a regular hand & nail cream, my hands and nails initially appear smoother but the effects wear off after an hour or so. This did not happen with this balm, my nails stayed silky smooth for the whole day.  

I love all of the moisturisers. Shea Butter Complex has a lovely light scent and a think creamy consistency, similar to that of a body butter but a little lighter, making it is easier to spread evenly across the skin. After a week, my skin feels soft and a lot less dry.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Daytime Defense was recommended for use under foundation, as I always apply a layer of moisturiser under my foundation. It worked nicely, my skin felt hydrated and it acted as a good base for my foundation - a great alternative to primer.

Timeless Day & Night is Desert Dermatologics most powerful product and one I really needed after traveling left my skin in a very dry state. It has a thick texture and leaves the skin feeling smooth, cooler and less swore in damaged areas. 

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Watch this space, to view my video review of these products, coming up later this week.

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