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Kickstart Your Morning With These 3 Fancy Coffee Ideas

Starting the morning without a cup of coffee seems like a terrible thing to do. You need that little jolt of caffeine to act as a pick-me-up after you’ve peeled yourself away from the bed. Most of us will just make the classic Americano coffee drink in the morning - either black or with a splash of milk. So, why don’t you start spicing things up a bit? Here are some fancy coffee ideas that will certainly help you kickstart your day!

Vietnamese Coffee
Vietnamese coffee brings an extra dose of sweetness to your morning routine. You might not have heard of this before, but you will soon wonder why more people don’t rave about it. Certainly, I’m stunned that coffee chains aren’t selling this drink!

Effectively, it’s coffee with condensed milk. This gives it a lovely sweetness that doesn’t overpower the coffee flavor too much. You can buy condensed milk from most grocery stores, or you can follow a simple 5 minute condensed milk recipe to make it yourself. The choice is yours, but you pour a bit of the milk into a cup before adding pre-brewed coffee on top. Give everything a stir, and you can drink it right away. Alternatively, pour your hot coffee over ice if you prefer a chilled drink - this is actually more traditional in Vietnam!

Dalgona Coffee
A surprisingly easy coffee to make, and you can do it with instant coffee powder! Essentially, this is whipped coffee, and all you have to do is whisk up some instant coffee with sugar and boiling water. Do this for around 5 minutes until everything is thick and fluffy - it will almost look like meringue!

Then, add this to a glass full of hot or cold milk, and you’re done. A very simple recipe, yet fabulously fancy.

Espresso Con Panna
An Italian coffee drink that translates to espresso with cream. It’s a very tasty treat to have, but you need to use some good coffee. Ensure you have high-quality ground coffee or coffee beans for this one, and it’s best brewed using an espresso machine or Moka Pot.

In essence, you make espresso as you normally would. Then, you add a dollop of thick whipped cream on top. As the cream melts, it helps to soften the taste of the coffee and avoid it being too strong or bitter. It’s like having an espresso with a dash of milk, but the cream makes it extra silky and it just tastes a lot better. This is another one that’s very easy to make, and it’s probably one of my favorite morning coffee drinks.

I’ve picked these three fancy coffees because they look awesome, taste amazing, and are so easy for you to make. Of course, other ideas exist - like flat whites, cafe au lait, and so on. But, they tend to be a bit harder for the average person to make at home. Also, if you really need a pick-me-up (and this is for weekends only) try adding a little dash of Irish whiskey to your coffee!