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Editing Tips To Create Natural Looking Instagram Photos

It's no secret that people edit their Instagram photos and sometimes it's incredibly obvious. It doesn't look great when photos are heavily edited but a few simple tweaks can elevate your photos and make them look a lot more professional. There's nothing wrong with making a few updates here and there, but you need to avoid going overboard so your photos still look natural. These are the best editing tips to create amazing Instagram photos.

Start With A Good Photo
This is probably obvious, but you need to ensure that your photo looks great before editing it. Editing software isn't a magic wand that will turn a bad photo into a good one, so make sure that you take your time and get good shots.

Think about the lighting and the composition of the photo and, if in doubt, follow the rule of thirds. You don't need to be a professional photographer but you do need to be able to take a decent photo. 

Add A White Frame
Adding a white frame can make a big difference to your photos. It immediately makes your photo look very clean and clear and it will look like a professional shot. It's best to use an Instagram frame that isn't too large so you don't crowd out the content of the photo, but the white helps everything stand out more. This one simple trick will instantly boost the quality of your feed.

Crop The Photo
Another important step is to crop the photo. A lot of times when we're taking a photo, things can get a little messy around the edges. We've all been there! So make sure that you adjust your photo so that everything lines up perfectly with one another and it won't matter if something looks a little blurry on the edge of the frame. Careful cropping ensures that you are focused on the subject and there is nothing else to distract around the edges. It can also help you cut out colors that don't work with the rest of the photo. However, make sure that you still have enough space around the subject, so the photo doesn't look too crowded.

Use The Spot Remover For Blemishes And Dust Marks
A spot remover tool can be a great way to remove blemishes and other marks on the skin. This is especially true for photo shoots where you may have makeup marks or spots of dust that appear later on. There's nothing worse than seeing these kinds of imperfections, but thankfully they can be easily removed by using this tool! Just select the area you want to remove and it will look like it has never been there at all! This is a great way to touch up the photo and make it look a little cleaner without making it look completely different.

Experiment With Filters
There are so many different filters to use with Instagram! You can also play around with the intensity of the filter, depending on how it looks when you apply it at 50%. It's interesting to try out all the different filters and find which ones look best for your photos. There are lots of funny filters that turn you into animals or whatever but if you're trying to create stylish photos, play around with some of the more subtle ones. Even applying a very light filter can help to correct the colors a little and make sure that things blend well, so the subject is highlighted and the photo looks crisp.

Less Is More
When you're editing your photos, it's important to remember that sometimes less is more. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't edit your photo at all, but editing too much can quickly make your images look unrecognizable. There are a lot of issues with beauty standards created by social media and that is often down to edited photos. It's important that you are not misleading with photos and you keep them real. So, be careful not to overdo it! It isn't easy to get the right look for your photos and this will take some practice on your part. But once you get the hang of it, you'll also see just how much a few simple tweaks can change everything and help create better looking Instagram photos than ever before!

There are some people out there that say any kind of editing is misrepresenting yourself and you shouldn't do it at all. However, if you do a few subtle edits and keep things natural, it isn't a problem.